Unique Baby Gift Baskets from Silly Phillie

New Parents Love Unique Baby Gift Baskets with Premium Quality layette

New parents receive lots of baby gifts. The avalanche begins at the baby shower, and continues well after baby is born. Moreover, unique baby gift baskets are among the gifts that make the biggest impression.

Unique baby gift baskets are special

Unique baby gift baskets made by Silly Phillie

Froggie & Friends Unique Baby Gift Baskets

Everyone loves a gift basket. In fact, gift baskets make an excellent choice not only as a baby  gift, but also to celebrate just about any other special occasion. Here’s why: 1) they make choosing a gift easy; 2) they usually come filled with lots of cool stuff; and 3) they look impressive.  An example of a fantastic baby gift basket is the Froggie & Friends New Baby Gift Baskets  made by Silly Phillie® for 1800Baskets.com.

But don’t be fooled by looks alone. Many gift baskets look good but are filled with inferior merchandise. The old saying “don’t be fooled by the wrapping paper” makes sense when choosing a gift basket.

3  Important things to look for in Unique Baby Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Basket for Twins-Celestial Babies by Silly Phillie

Twins Baby Gift Basket

  1. A memorable presentation. Choose a gift basket with the potential to stand out from all the other gifts. Remember, first impressions count!
  2. Quality over quantity. Look for baby gift baskets made with premium quality layette and accessories. After all, they will be used by a precious new baby.
  3. A trusted company. Be sure to choose a baby gift basket from a trusted company with the experience and resources to make a high quality product.


About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie®  has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes since 1985! Silly Phillie® premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be found in select retail stores and online in many gift boutiques, including www.sillyphillie.com.

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

I would love to hear from you!

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unique baby shower diaper cakes for twins

New from Silly Phillie®-Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are always a big hit at a baby shower.  In fact,  you’ll often see one used as a baby shower centerpiece to decorate the table of the mother-to-be.  Sometimes, mini diaper cakes will be placed on each table at the shower to create a festive baby mood.

Traditional Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Tasty Baby Shower Diaper Cakes made by Silly Phillie

Traditional diaper cakes are designed to look just like a cake.  Most often they come in two, three, and four layer configurations. Really good ones look fabulous and are made with diapers plus quality layette items for baby. The above photo, for example,  shows multi layer diaper cakes in pink and blue made by Silly Phillie® for 1800flowers.

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes don’t have to look like a Cake

Who says all diaper cakes must look like a cake? Today, you’ll find many less traditional “diaper cakes” designed to look like something other than a cake. Some examples Include baby carriages, bassinets, strollers, sailboats, and lots of different animals.

In fact, Silly Phillie® just introduced two new animal inspired variations of a diaper cake. The first is an Elephant Diaper Cake for Twins.  It includes diapers and layette items for both babies! In addition, the gift can be customized to match the gender of the new arrivals. Gifts for twins are hard to find. Check out

Unique Baby Shoer Diaper Cakes-Caterpillar Gift Set

New Caterpillar Diaper cake Baby Gift from Silly Phillie

The second is the Caterpillar Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Set. This one is made for a single baby and includes the customary diapers and layette items you’d expect in a diaper cake from Silly Phillie®. We’re excited about these unique new animal inspired baby shower diaper cakes.  Look for others to follow in the near future.

About Silly Phillie® 

Thoughts on Postpartum Depression

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® branded products are made with love in the USA. They are sold in select retail stores,  on scores of  e-commerce gift boutiques, and directly on www.sillyphillie.com.

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our uncommonly high quality baby gifts. Or send an email to: phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

Would love to hear from you!

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Postpartum Depression hits Chrisssy Teigen

Chrissey Teigen announces she suffers from Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression or PPD is not a subject we’ve talked about before on this Silly Phillie® blog. Our focus as a baby gift company is on celebrating pregnancy and birth. However, Postpartum Depression along with the less severe condition of Baby Blues unfortunately is a bi-product of birth for many women.

Just this morning as I was dressing for work I heard Chrissey Teigen being interviewed on a morning news show.  She was talking in great detail about her painful bout with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety following the birth of her daughter Luna Simone. In fact, the April edition of Glamour Magazine  has a cover story on Chrissey’s experience with this painful condition.

Even Celebrities are not immune to Postpartum Depression

Chrissey Teigen leads a charmed life by most standards.  She is absolutely gorgeous, she is a successful model and author, she’s married to John Legend the very talented musician, and she delivered a healthy baby girl. So why did Chrissey become depressed after giving birth?

According to health care experts, Postpartum Depression hits 1 in 7 women following birth. Apparently it doesn’t discriminate and can effect anyone. PPD can happen anytime after childbirth but It often starts 1 to 3 weeks after having a baby. According to the March of Dimes, PPD is a medical condition that requires treatment to get better.

What causes Postpartum Depression?

Experts are not quite sure what brings on PPD. Changing levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone following birth along with Low levels of thyroid hormones are thought to be contributing factors.  In addition, you my be of high risk if you are younger than 20, lead a stressful life, have a history of depression, and have negative thoughts about being a mom.

How does PPD differ from the Baby Blues?

Fit Pregnancy Magazine published an excellent article titled The Difference Between the Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression.  Baby Blues is basically a more common less severe version of PPD.  Some studies indicate that at least 70% of new moms suffer the baby blues following birth. But these feelings usually last for just a few weeks. PPD on the other has more intense emotions and lasts far longer.

Whether you have PPD or are going through a period of the the baby blues, it’s important to understand that these are normal feelings experienced by lots of new moms. You’re not alone and there are many resources to help you work through this emotional phase after giving birth. Postpartum Support International  is a great place to find information on all subjects related to PPD.

I hope this helps.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao


Thoughts on Postpartum Depression

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Corparate baby gifts make happy employees

Beautiful Corporate Baby Gifts Customized by Silly Phillie®

As companies strive to establish themselves as compelling places to work, corporate baby gifts are on the rise, along with other family oriented benefits. A happy employee after all is a productive employee.

It is not uncommon today for companies both large and small to offer perks such as extended paid maternity leave, valuable child care options and flexible work arrangements. All of these benefits lead to higher employee retention rates and greater workplace satisfaction.

Corporate Baby Gifts Make Sense 

Employees are keenly aware of the family oriented benefits their company offers. In fact, these perks help attract new hires in the first place.   The benefits are expected and counted on whenever the need arises.

A baby gift on the other hand is an unexpected surprise.  When new parents receive a beautiful gift from their company it is much more personal. It sends a message of warmth and caring that builds a stronger relationships between the two.

What to look for in Corporate Baby Gifts

Gone are the days when any baby gift will suffice.  Businesses these days want gifts that are unique, impressive and consistently high in quality.  More often than not, a company will have a baby gift customized for them.  For example, one large financial company we know sends a personalized baby gift with information on setting up a college fund. Another well known Healthcare company gives a gift whenever they learn that an employee is expecting a new baby. Their gift appropriately includes a helpful Pregnancy Handbook.

Where to find Quality Corporate Baby Gifts

Corporate Baby Gifts customized by Silly Phillie

Unique Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie

The best corporate baby gifts are found online. That’s because e-commerce baby boutiques are able to offer a much larger selection of unique baby gifts than traditional retail stores. Also, they are are much better able to customize gifts.

Most online boutiques do not actually design or manufacture the products they sell. Instead, they depend on manufacturers like Silly Phillie® to provide products and handle the fulfillment. In other words, they are not unlike a retail store that carries merchandise from various manufacturers.

Whether working with a re-seller or directly with a manufacturer, product quality is the top priority.  Consequently, make sure the business entrusted to handle your corporate baby gifts has a proven track record of excellence.  After all, a company’s reputation is on the line each time it sends a baby gift to a valued employee or client.

Finally, it pays to know the tax implications of gift giving.  LBMC, a full service accounting firm, published an informative article on the topic in November 2016. Please click here to read it.

About Silly Phillie®

Corporate baby Gifts designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® products are made with love in the USA. Company products are sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on sillyphillie.com.

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or send an email to: phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

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Unique baby Girl Gifts-Moses Basket Layette Set

Unique Baby Girl Gifts by Silly Phillie


A search for unique baby girl gifts begins when a friend or family member just had a precious baby girl. But sometimes it happens even before the baby is born, especially if you’ve been invited to the baby shower and know a little girl is on the way.

Unique Baby Girl Gifts from Silly Phillie®

www.sillyphillie.com is a great place to begin searching for unique baby girl gifts.

For starters, Silly Phillie® offers one of the largest and best collections of baby boutique quality gifts for newborns. The gifts range from large creations such as Moses Basket & Rocking Horse gift sets, to smaller but no less unique Diaper Cakes, gift baskets and individual layette items.

Furthermore, Silly Phillie baby gifts can be ordered personalized and/or customized in most cases. Nothing makes a gift more unique than one personalized with baby’s name, or customized with a theme that has special meaning to the family.

Finally, Silly Phillie® baby gifts are made to impress.  Each one features a unique design, includes premium quality components, and is lovingly made to order in the USA by Silly Phillie®.

New “Pretty in Pink” Deluxe Welcome Wagon™

Unique Baby Girl Gifts-Pretty in Pink Welcome Wagon

Pretty in Pink Baby Girl Gift

Deluxe Welcome Wagon™ gift sets for baby girls and boys are among the company’s best sellers for more than 20 years.  Up until now, the deluxe size wood wagon pull-toy came in just one color: classic red with white and black accents.

Silly Phillie® is delighted to announce a new “Pretty in Pink” Deluxe Welcome Wagon™  for girls. With this stunning addition, the search for unique baby girl gifts may indeed be over.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Each one is lovingly made to order in the USA at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® branded merchandise is sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on sillyphillie.com.  Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or send an email to: phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao






Friendly Frog Ultimate Terry Bath Time gift set

Luxury Baby Gifts Made To Order By Silly Phillie


Silly Phillie® is known for making luxury baby gifts. Those gifts usually share common traits such as a distinctive style, upscale components for baby, plus a knockout gift presentation that never fails to impress even the most discerning of new parents.

Luxury Baby Gifts from Silly Phillie®

Many of the company’s luxury baby gifts are indeed large creations featuring a signature component. Examples include our beautiful wood rocking horses, rocking chairs, and  Deluxe Welcome Wagon™ toys.  These items usually come embellished with an abundance of quality layette items.

The latest luxury baby gifts from Silly Phillie® take a different path. Rather than basing the gift around a premium wood toy, these new gifts are luxurious based on the quality of the fabric and distinctiveness of the design.

That fabric is a super premium quality terry velour. It is meticulously woven from 14 oz 100% combed cotton yarn.  The result is a fabric so soft,  so absorbent  and so luxurious we had to call it “Ultimate Terry Velour”.  As a result, all of our hooded towels, bathrobes, bibs and burp pads are simply a cut above other quality terry items for baby.

Ultimate Terry Velour + Unique Designs = Luxury Baby Gifts

Friendly Frog Baby Bath time Ensemble is the latest luxury baby gift from Silly Phillie® featuring Ultimate Terry Velour fabric. The set includes a luxurious hooded bathrobe (18 mos.) and over-sized hooded towel (28″ x 44″). Both items feature an adorable frog design on the hood and are made to order in the USA by Silly Phillie®. The gift can also be ordered personalized as an option.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. They are lovingly made to order in the USA at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® branded merchandise is sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on sillyphillie.com.  Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or drop me an email at phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao








Personalized layette for Baby Girl

Uncommon Baby Gifts make a lasting Impression

The search for Uncommon Baby Gifts typically begins when a baby shower invitation arrives or someone just had a baby. This could be a family member, friend, co-worker or business associate.

Let’s face it, a new baby is one of the most exciting and momentous occasions in life.  As a result, it is only natural to want to celebrate the event with a very special gift for the new baby.

There’s also another reason. Everyone knows that parents are inundated with gifts for a new baby. Consequently, a gift must be unique in order to stand out and have a chance of being fondly remembered as time passes.

Where to find Uncommon Baby Gifts

The Internet is definitely the best place to begin looking for uncommon baby gifts.  Some people have a “go-to-gift” they like to give.  Most others need to search for one. But beware, there’s a bewildering number of manufacturers websites and e-commerce baby boutiques to shop on the internet.

I suggest you start your search on Etsy.com.  Etsy has a wide selection of uncommon baby gifts that are crafted in the USA by small manufacturers.  If you don’t find something you like on Etsy, try searching on Google using the search terms “uncommon baby gifts” and “unique baby gifts”.

What makes a great baby gift?

Just because something is uncommon doesn’t make it a fantastic baby gift. A gift for a baby must also be incredibly cute, purposeful and filled with lots of love.  Personalized baby gifts of practically any kind are always a big hit with new parents.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. They are lovingly made to order in the USA at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® branded merchandise is sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on sillyphillie.com.  Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a women owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gifts. Or you can drop me an email at phyllis@sillyphillie.com. 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao







Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie® -personalized rocking horse gift set

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie®… a Labor of Love


Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® are one of a kind.  That’s because each one is made to order in Brooklyn, NY.  Making baby gifts in the USA is a rarity.  Most others are massed produced overseas. The difference is one you can see, one you’ll love, and one you’d be proud to give or receive.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao is the person responsible for designing the entire collection of baby gifts by Silly Phillie®. Moreover, she has established a remarkable track record for creativity and product innovation. Some of her more iconic baby gifts include Welcome Wagon & Rocking Horse baby gift sets, as well the The Original Baby Hoagie and Special Delivery Pizza.

Furthermore, as company founder and majority owner of Silly Phillie® Creations, Phyllis works tirelessly designing exciting new products while actively overseeing production to make sure each gift looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a “labor of love” requiring both talent and perseverance.

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® is Serious Business

Brooklyn Progress is a bi-monthly publication of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The November/December 2016 issue includes a full page profile titled “Silly Phillie® is Serious about Baby Gifts”.  The article tracks the company’s growth from a start up in 1985, to becoming a major brand in the baby gift category today.

Additionally, the article talks about Phyllis’ commitment to manufacturing in Brooklyn, and her continued ability to introduce new and exciting gifts.  You can read the complete story by clicking this link to view the publication, then navigate to page 4.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. Company products are lovingly made to order in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® products are sold wholesale to retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly to the public on sillyphillie.com.  Finally, Silly Phillie® is a women owned, family business since 1985.  To inquire about our products and services, please call 855.885.3900.

Richard S’Dao



Wholesale Baby Gifts for retail stores

How to profit from Wholesale Baby Gifts

Wholesale baby gifts are purchased and sold by a variety of different brick & mortar retailers. And for good reason. Baby gifts as a category sell well, usually at full markup, and produce minuscule returns. The type of stores that profit from selling baby gifts are Baby Boutiques, Hospital Gift shops, General Gift Stores, Florists, Department and Specialty Stores.

What to look for in Wholesale Baby Gifts

Most retail stores today have a limited amount of shelf space and sales personnel. Given these obstacles, a baby gift must possess a great amount of presence in order to stand out and be noticed. Moreover,  the following is a list of attributes to look for in wholesale baby gifts:

  1. Eye-catching presentation
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Quality components
  4. Gender specific theme
  5. Clear description of contents
  6. Price competitiveness

Best ways to find Wholesale Baby Gifts

There are several ways to shop for wholesale baby gifts. The first and fastest is to search the internet. It is quite common for manufacturers to showcase their products on a company website.  Most also allow qualified retailers to place orders online.

Second, industry trade shows are a great way of actually seeing lots of products in one place.  A trade show is also a good place to discover new vendors and find new products that are being introduced at the show,

Finally, shopping retail stores in your area is a must.  It is vital to know what products are being sold by competition, and learn about their pricing & merchandising strategies in order to refine your selling efforts.

Silly Phillie® Wholesale Baby Gifts

Safari Hooded Towel Wholesale Baby Gift

Safari Hooded Towel Baby Gift Set

Anyone looking for wholesale baby gifts should check out Silly Phillie®. For over thirty years, Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing some of the most unique gifts for babies. Most importantly, these gifts have a proven track record of strong performance in retail stores of all types and sizes.

Two things distinguish Silly Phillie® baby gifts. The first is unique designs. No other line of products can match the originality and presentation of a baby gift made by Silly Phillie®. The Original Baby Hoagie and Safari Hooded Towel Gift Set are two examples of this.

The other is superior quality. Every Silly Phillie® baby gift is proudly made to order in the USA. This results in a level of quality that simply cannot be matched by mass produced imported gifts. Significantly, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce awarded it’s coveted Brooklyn-Made Certification to Silly Phillie®.

Silly Phillie® baby gifts are available for purchase wholesale on www.sillyphillie.com. Retailers can register for an account online and once approved will be able to place orders at wholesale pricing, Please click the following link to the  wholesale signup application.

You can also call toll free 855.885.3900 if you have questions or need additional information about our wholesale baby gifts.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Owner & Designer

Silly Phillie® Creations









Baby Gifts Drop Shipping Drop Shipping by Silly Phillie

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping Overview

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping is a integral part of Silly Phillie’s business model. In fact, it’s not uncommon today for manufacturer’s of all kinds  to “drop ship” their products to customers who purchase them from third party internet retailers.

This type of business arrangement makes sense for a number of reasons. First of all, manufacturers benefit from increased exposure of their products. Second, internet retailers reap the rewards of having more products to sell without the need to inventory or touch them in any way. Finally, it lowers distribution costs and speeds delivery of product to the customer or gift recipient in the case of a baby gift.

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping-A Special Delivery

There are four main parties* in a drop shipping baby gifts transaction: the manufacturer, the retailer, the customer, and the recipient.   Here’s a closer look at each:

  1. The Manufacturer.  No drop ship transaction can be successful without the availability of quality products and timely delivery from a reliable manufacturer or distributor. It is especially important in a category such as baby gifts where quality and timeliness is critical.
  2. The Retailer. Retailers must provide an exemplary buying experience and excellent customer service.  This includes educating customers on the merits of a product without over stating its benefits. Nothing is worse than having disappointed customers.
  3. The Customer. As the one making the purchase decision, customers must be nurtured, satisfied and pampered in order to ensure a successful transaction. Friendly service, special discounts and follow up calls are ways of keeping customers satisfied and coming back.
  4. The Recipient.   The final party in a baby gifts drop shipping transaction is the parents of a newborn, or in some cases expectant parents. It is these individuals who’ll ultimately decide whether the transaction was a success or not.  The product will be judged on it’s presentation, quality and usefulness. Remember, the purchaser in many cases will rely on the input from the gift recipient to know whether they made a good choice.

* Not including the designated shipping carrier i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping- A Silly Phillie® Specialty

Silly Phillie® has been drop shipping unique baby gifts for more than fifteen years. In fact, it has successful long term drop ship relationships with internet retailers both large and small. The list includes 1800flowers.com, 1800baskets.com, buybuybaby,com, bedbathandbeyond.com, storkbabygfits.com, cornerstorkbabygifts.com, simplyuniquebabygifts.com, and doodlebuckets.com, among others.

Silly Phillie® built solid relationships with each of these fine retailers by a) having the most unique and highest quality products; b) manufacturing in the USA to ensure fast turnaround; and c) having the capability to personalized and customized baby gifts.

Please contact Iliana Vieira by email (iliana@sillyphillie.com) or phone (855.855.3900) if you would like to know more about our company’s baby gifts drop shipping program.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Owner & Designer-Silly Phillie®