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Unique personalized baby gifts from Silly Phillie

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts Impress

Unique personalized baby gifts make a memorable impression. After all, new parents love seeing their baby’s name or monogram on a gift, especially if it’s a gift of quality.

Moreover, unique personalized baby gifts create more than immediate excitement. Usually they become treasured keepsakes that parents hold onto long after their baby grows.

Consider Giving these Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

As expected, there’s no shortage of personalized baby gifts to choose from. The list ranges from simple items like a personalized onsie, to more elaborate gifts such as a personalized rocking horse gift set.

The following are some of my favorite unique personalized baby gifts:

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts-premium terry bathrobes & hooded towels

Ultimate Terry Personalized Bathrobes

  1. Personalized Rocking Chair. Parents love receiving a rocking chair gift for their newborn. A rocking chair looks great in the nursery and baby will love it too once he or she is ready to sit in it.
  2. Sterling Silver Engraved Gifts from Tiffany. Nothing impresses new parents more than a gift from the company with that iconic blue box. Tiffany has many unique personalized baby gifts to choose from. Sure they’re expensive. But that’s the price you pay for a keepsake quality baby gift.
  3. 7-Piece Personalized Layette. This is one of my favorite personalized baby gifts. It includes 7 premium quality layette items, all made in the USA by Silly Phillie®. Each comes tastefully embroidered with baby’s 3-letter monogram to create a unique personalized baby gift.
  4. Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle.   This gift new parents will treasure forever. I know because I still have the ones I received when my sons were born quite some time ago. I found a shop on Etsy that seems to be making beautiful ones today.
  5. Personalized Bathrobes from Silly Phillie®.  When in doubt, you never can go wrong gifting one of these beauties. For starters, they’re made from a luxurious ultimate terry velour fabric. In addition, they’re made in the USA by Silly Phillie® so you know the workmanship quality is superb. Finally,  you can choose from a wide assortment of adorable designs.

One note of caution. Make sure you have the correct spelling of baby’s name before ordering a personalized gift. New parents today are coming up with uncommon ways of spelling names. Once a gift is personalized you own it!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Since 1985 Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao



Kotb on couch

Celebrity Baby Gift Made for Hoda Kotb

It’s always a source of excitement whenever Silly Phillie® is asked to make a celebrity baby gift. Hoda Kotb is the latest celebrity to receive a Silly Phillie baby gift.  As many of you know, Hoda Kotb is a noted newscaster and co-hosts NBC’S Today Show.

Ms. Kotb recently revealed that she adopted a baby girl and named her Haley Joy. It was an emotional event to say the least. Ms. Kotb battled cancer more than 10 years ago, leaving her unable to conceive a child.  She is experiencing the joy of motherhood for the first time at the age of 52.

But there ‘s more good news for Hoda Kotb.  Soon after adopting Haley Joy she announced plans to marry her boy friend, Joel Schiffman. Mr. Schiffman, 58 years of age, is Vice President & Director, Financial Institutions at Janus Capital Group. The two have been dating for 5 years and living together for over a year.

Celebrity Baby Gift – nothing new for Silly Phillie®

Celebrity Baby Gift for Haley Joy

Personalized Rocking Horse for Haley Joy

Few manufacturers make more baby gifts for celebrities than Silly Phillie®. Sometimes orders are placed directly on and sometimes we receive a call from the gift giver. Hoda Kotb’s gift was actually sold by All About Gifts & Baskets, one of our valued re-sellers.

In either case, the gift is designed and made to order by Silly Phillie®.  Our most popular celebrity baby gift is either a Personalized Rocking Horse-like the one we did for Haley Joy- or a Deluxe Welcome Wagon. Both are fabulous high quality gifts that will impress even a celebrity!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes since 1985. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao






Corparate baby gifts make happy employees

Beautiful Corporate Baby Gifts Customized by Silly Phillie®

As companies strive to establish themselves as compelling places to work, corporate baby gifts are on the rise, along with other family oriented benefits. A happy employee after all is a productive employee.

It is not uncommon today for companies both large and small to offer perks such as extended paid maternity leave, valuable child care options and flexible work arrangements. All of these benefits lead to higher employee retention rates and greater workplace satisfaction.

Corporate Baby Gifts Make Sense 

Employees are keenly aware of the family oriented benefits their company offers. In fact, these perks help attract new hires in the first place.   The benefits are expected and counted on whenever the need arises.

A baby gift on the other hand is an unexpected surprise.  When new parents receive a beautiful gift from their company it is much more personal. It sends a message of warmth and caring that builds a stronger relationships between the two.

What to look for in Corporate Baby Gifts

Gone are the days when any baby gift will suffice.  Businesses these days want gifts that are unique, impressive and consistently high in quality.  More often than not, a company will have a baby gift customized for them.  For example, one large financial company we know sends a personalized baby gift with information on setting up a college fund. Another well known Healthcare company gives a gift whenever they learn that an employee is expecting a new baby. Their gift appropriately includes a helpful Pregnancy Handbook.

Where to find Quality Corporate Baby Gifts

Corporate Baby Gifts customized by Silly Phillie

Unique Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie

The best corporate baby gifts are found online. That’s because e-commerce baby boutiques are able to offer a much larger selection of unique baby gifts than traditional retail stores. Also, they are are much better able to customize gifts.

Most online boutiques do not actually design or manufacture the products they sell. Instead, they depend on manufacturers like Silly Phillie® to provide products and handle the fulfillment. In other words, they are not unlike a retail store that carries merchandise from various manufacturers.

Whether working with a re-seller or directly with a manufacturer, product quality is the top priority.  Consequently, make sure the business entrusted to handle your corporate baby gifts has a proven track record of excellence.  After all, a company’s reputation is on the line each time it sends a baby gift to a valued employee or client.

Finally, it pays to know the tax implications of gift giving.  LBMC, a full service accounting firm, published an informative article on the topic in November 2016. Please click here to read it.

About Silly Phillie®

Corporate baby Gifts designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® products are made with love in the USA. Company products are sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or send an email to: 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao













Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie® -personalized rocking horse gift set

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie®… a Labor of Love


Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® are one of a kind.  That’s because each one is made to order in Brooklyn, NY.  Making baby gifts in the USA is a rarity.  Most others are massed produced overseas. The difference is one you can see, one you’ll love, and one you’d be proud to give or receive.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao is the person responsible for designing the entire collection of baby gifts by Silly Phillie®. Moreover, she has established a remarkable track record for creativity and product innovation. Some of her more iconic baby gifts include Welcome Wagon & Rocking Horse baby gift sets, as well the The Original Baby Hoagie and Special Delivery Pizza.

Furthermore, as company founder and majority owner of Silly Phillie® Creations, Phyllis works tirelessly designing exciting new products while actively overseeing production to make sure each gift looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a “labor of love” requiring both talent and perseverance.

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® is Serious Business

Brooklyn Progress is a bi-monthly publication of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The November/December 2016 issue includes a full page profile titled “Silly Phillie® is Serious about Baby Gifts”.  The article tracks the company’s growth from a start up in 1985, to becoming a major brand in the baby gift category today.

Additionally, the article talks about Phyllis’ commitment to manufacturing in Brooklyn, and her continued ability to introduce new and exciting gifts.  You can read the complete story by clicking this link to view the publication, then navigate to page 4.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. Company products are lovingly made to order in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® products are sold wholesale to retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly to the public on  Finally, Silly Phillie® is a women owned, family business since 1985.  To inquire about our products and services, please call 855.885.3900.

Richard S’Dao



Baby Gifts Drop Shipping Drop Shipping by Silly Phillie

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping Overview

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping is a integral part of Silly Phillie’s business model. In fact, it’s not uncommon today for manufacturer’s of all kinds  to “drop ship” their products to customers who purchase them from third party internet retailers.

This type of business arrangement makes sense for a number of reasons. First of all, manufacturers benefit from increased exposure of their products. Second, internet retailers reap the rewards of having more products to sell without the need to inventory or touch them in any way. Finally, it lowers distribution costs and speeds delivery of product to the customer or gift recipient in the case of a baby gift.

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping-A Special Delivery

There are four main parties* in a drop shipping baby gifts transaction: the manufacturer, the retailer, the customer, and the recipient.   Here’s a closer look at each:

  1. The Manufacturer.  No drop ship transaction can be successful without the availability of quality products and timely delivery from a reliable manufacturer or distributor. It is especially important in a category such as baby gifts where quality and timeliness is critical.
  2. The Retailer. Retailers must provide an exemplary buying experience and excellent customer service.  This includes educating customers on the merits of a product without over stating its benefits. Nothing is worse than having disappointed customers.
  3. The Customer. As the one making the purchase decision, customers must be nurtured, satisfied and pampered in order to ensure a successful transaction. Friendly service, special discounts and follow up calls are ways of keeping customers satisfied and coming back.
  4. The Recipient.   The final party in a baby gifts drop shipping transaction is the parents of a newborn, or in some cases expectant parents. It is these individuals who’ll ultimately decide whether the transaction was a success or not.  The product will be judged on it’s presentation, quality and usefulness. Remember, the purchaser in many cases will rely on the input from the gift recipient to know whether they made a good choice.

* Not including the designated shipping carrier i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS

Baby Gifts Drop Shipping- A Silly Phillie® Specialty

Silly Phillie® has been drop shipping unique baby gifts for more than fifteen years. In fact, it has successful long term drop ship relationships with internet retailers both large and small. The list includes,, buybuybaby,com,,,,, and, among others.

Silly Phillie® built solid relationships with each of these fine retailers by a) having the most unique and highest quality products; b) manufacturing in the USA to ensure fast turnaround; and c) having the capability to personalized and customized baby gifts.

Please contact Iliana Vieira by email ( or phone (855.855.3900) if you would like to know more about our company’s baby gifts drop shipping program.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Owner & Designer-Silly Phillie®




Corporate Gifts Trending Up

Corporate Gifts to Employees are Up!

Corporate Gifts is a big and growing business.  According to Advertising Specialty Institute’s 7th annual Corporate Gift Spending Report, spending on corporate gifts is increasing. The report was published at the end of 2015. The upward trend in corporate gifts is attributed to an improving economy following the Great Recession.

ASI results also show that gifts to employees is growing. However, gifts to clients is down slightly. Further, the average amount spent on individual gifts was higher in both categories, but companies spend more on gifts to employees. The need to retain key employees during a robust job market is the reason given for this trend.

Corporate Gifts: Trends to Watch

Other trends identified in the ASI study are as follows:

  1. Gift cards and cash have grown into the leading gifts to employees.
  2. The majority of corporate gifts to employees and clients now feature a company logo.
  3. The primary goal of gifts to customers and prospects is to express appreciation, followed by relationship building.
  4. Fruit baskets, popcorn tins, engraved pens & other personalized items are cited as the best corporate gifts.
  5. Tech & apparel are two categories expected to show strong growth as corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifts: Welcoming a Newborn Baby

While not specifically covered in the ASI study, baby gifts is also seeing growth from businesses. The reason is simple.  A baby gift is an opportunity to build good will with an employee or client in a way few other gifts can. In fact, baby gifts actually touch the entire family making it an excellent investment for businesses.

Silly Phillie® specializes in upscale, made to order baby gifts.  Further, the company’s proximity to Manhattan, where many large firms are headquartered, along with an impressive line of products has made Silly Phillie® a preferred vendor to the corporate gift market.

Rocking Horse Baby Gift by Silly Phillie

Personalized Rocking Horse Baby Gift Set

Moreover, Silly Phillie® has identified the following qualities as being most important to businesses in choosing a corporate gifts vendor:

  1. Superior product quality
  2. Uniqueness of product
  3. Ability to customize and/or personalize
  4. Quick turn around time
  5. Excellent customer service

Cost did not make this list. While cost is a deciding factor in other product categories, not so when it comes to baby gifts.  Product related factors like quality, presentation and uniqueness far out weigh the cost of an item.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece on corporate gifts. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a corporate gifts program with Silly Phillie®, please contact me by phone (855.885.3900) or email ( I look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time…

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie®
















Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts are Brooklyn-Made

Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts Receive Brooklyn-Made Certification

I am delighted to announce that Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts received a prestigious Brooklyn-Made Certification.  Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn-Made is a certification program for locally-made goods. The certification is a market-driven, geographically-focused certification assessing and validating products manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Silly Phillie® was approved on August 26th along with a number of other fine Brooklyn based manufacturers. The announcement is posted on the homepage of the Brooklyn-Made website. This recognition reinforces our strategy of making better quality products in the USA. The fact that we’re able to do so  in my home town is the icing on the cake for me personally.

Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts- a difference you can see.

Brooklyn-Made certification is important to Silly Phillie® for these reasons:

  1.  Brooklyn-Made is a source of pride to our staff, many of whom live and are raising families in Brooklyn.
  2. It helps communicate our made-to-order domestic manufacturing approach. Most of our competitors, on the other hand, mass produce their baby gifts overseas.
  3.  Brooklyn-Made provides a rationale for why Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts look so much more impressive than most.  It’s a difference you can see.  Please visit www, to see for yourself.

That’s all the news I have to share with you at this time. With the Christmas Holiday’s right around the corner, please come back soon to explore our new collection of holiday inspired baby gifts. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can customize something to your liking. After all, our products are Brooklyn-Made!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie®




Silly Phillie Made to order baby gifts

Baby Gifts made to order in Brooklyn


Silly Phillie® is on a roll these days,  in more ways than one.

For starters, the above photo shows yours truly sitting on rolls of fabric in Silly Phillie’s Brooklyn manufacturing facility. The photo was taken as part of an upcoming feature being done on my company by WE NYC.

WE NYC is a first-of-its-kind effort in a major American city to address the entrepreneurship gender gap and empower women business-owners to reach their full economic potential.  I am honored to be part of this exciting initiative.  I am also anxious to see the profile on Silly Phillie®.

In looking through the many photos taken by the talented photographer, Nancy Siesel, I particularly love this one of me sitting on rolls of fabric. In my opinion it best captures the essence of Silly Phillie’s “baby gifts made to order in Brooklyn” business model. Without fabric to cut, sew and embroider into quality layette items, we would not have the quality ingredients to make our many unique baby gifts.

“Baby Gifts Made to Order in Brooklyn” Keeping us on a Roll!

Many of our competitors have chosen to outsource manufacturing of baby gifts overseas. Silly Phillie® has taken a different approach.  We make our baby gifts to order in Brooklyn, NY. There are many benefits in doing it this way. They are:

  1. We’re able to offer a superior quality product
  2. We can personalize and customize baby gifts
  3. We’re better able and quicker to respond to special requests by customers
  4. Making products in the USA adds to the economic well being of Americans

A made to order in Brooklyn business model may limit our company’s growth potential. Nevertheless,  it has kept Silly Phillie® on a roll for more than 30 years.

I’ve always felt that bigger is not necessarily better.  Better is better all the time.

If you enjoyed this article on “Baby Gifts Made to Order In Brooklyn” please share it on social media with #babygifts #SillyPhillie, #MadeInbrooklyn, #Brooklyn.

Thank you!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)

Customized baby gifts from Silly Phillie- Nautical themed Welcome Wagon

Customized baby gifts-time to call Silly Phillie


Silly Phillie® is best known for creating unique baby gifts. A recent post in this space titled “Unique Baby Gifts from Silly Phillie®” addressed this topic in much detail.

Creating customized baby gifts is a much lesser known fact about our company. The reason for that is probably due to: 1) people assume we don’t offer this service because so few other companies do; or 2) many people think the process might be a hassle and possibly too expensive.

But that’s definitely not the case for these reasons:

  1.  Silly Phillie® baby gifts are made in the USA. Most competitors by contrast import their products or have other companies make them. Silly Phillie® operates a full scale manufacturing facility. Made in Brooklyn is something we’re very proud of.  This gives us the ability to modify, embellish and personalize baby gifts on the spot.
  2. We make the process for ordering customized baby gifts painless. As long as the customer has an idea of what they’re looking for and how much they want to spend, Silly Phillie® will pull it all together quickly and beautifully I might add.

Customized Baby Gifts-More than just adding a Name

Don’t get me wrong. Personalized baby gifts are fantastic. Adding a baby’s name to a baby blanket, hooded towel, or bib makes the gift more special for sure.  In fact, personalized baby gifts account for almost 40% of all baby gifts sold by Silly Phillie®.

But customized baby gifts go beyond adding a name to an item. It usually entails creating a customized theme, and/or re-configuring contents in a baby gift basket.

Our Nautical Themed Welcome Wagon™ (shown in photo above) is a recent example of a customized baby gift that did both.  The customer in this case wanted a nautical theme-the new parents love sailing-and specified the items wanted for baby.

The result is a beautiful looking customized baby gift that delighted our customer.  The process required just one call.  Silly Phillie® was equally delighted with the outcome. The Nautical Themed Welcome Wagon™ has been added to the company’s permanent collection of unique baby gifts.

Don’t forget that customized baby gifts are just a phone call away at Silly Phillie®. Our toll free No. is 855.885.3900.

Speak to you soon!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao