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unique baby gift designs by Silly Phillie®

Unique personalized baby gifts from Silly Phillie

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts Impress

Unique personalized baby gifts make a memorable impression. After all, new parents love seeing their baby’s name or monogram on a gift, especially if it’s a gift of quality.

Moreover, unique personalized baby gifts create more than immediate excitement. Usually they become treasured keepsakes that parents hold onto long after their baby grows.

Consider Giving these Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

As expected, there’s no shortage of personalized baby gifts to choose from. The list ranges from simple items like a personalized onsie, to more elaborate gifts such as a personalized rocking horse gift set.

The following are some of my favorite unique personalized baby gifts:

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts-premium terry bathrobes & hooded towels

Ultimate Terry Personalized Bathrobes

  1. Personalized Rocking Chair. Parents love receiving a rocking chair gift for their newborn. A rocking chair looks great in the nursery and baby will love it too once he or she is ready to sit in it.
  2. Sterling Silver Engraved Gifts from Tiffany. Nothing impresses new parents more than a gift from the company with that iconic blue box. Tiffany has many unique personalized baby gifts to choose from. Sure they’re expensive. But that’s the price you pay for a keepsake quality baby gift.
  3. 7-Piece Personalized Layette. This is one of my favorite personalized baby gifts. It includes 7 premium quality layette items, all made in the USA by Silly Phillie®. Each comes tastefully embroidered with baby’s 3-letter monogram to create a unique personalized baby gift.
  4. Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle.   This gift new parents will treasure forever. I know because I still have the ones I received when my sons were born quite some time ago. I found a shop on Etsy that seems to be making beautiful ones today.
  5. Personalized Bathrobes from Silly Phillie®.  When in doubt, you never can go wrong gifting one of these beauties. For starters, they’re made from a luxurious ultimate terry velour fabric. In addition, they’re made in the USA by Silly Phillie® so you know the workmanship quality is superb. Finally,  you can choose from a wide assortment of adorable designs.

One note of caution. Make sure you have the correct spelling of baby’s name before ordering a personalized gift. New parents today are coming up with uncommon ways of spelling names. Once a gift is personalized you own it!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Since 1985 Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao



Kotb on couch

Celebrity Baby Gift Made for Hoda Kotb

It’s always a source of excitement whenever Silly Phillie® is asked to make a celebrity baby gift. Hoda Kotb is the latest celebrity to receive a Silly Phillie baby gift.  As many of you know, Hoda Kotb is a noted newscaster and co-hosts NBC’S Today Show.

Ms. Kotb recently revealed that she adopted a baby girl and named her Haley Joy. It was an emotional event to say the least. Ms. Kotb battled cancer more than 10 years ago, leaving her unable to conceive a child.  She is experiencing the joy of motherhood for the first time at the age of 52.

But there ‘s more good news for Hoda Kotb.  Soon after adopting Haley Joy she announced plans to marry her boy friend, Joel Schiffman. Mr. Schiffman, 58 years of age, is Vice President & Director, Financial Institutions at Janus Capital Group. The two have been dating for 5 years and living together for over a year.

Celebrity Baby Gift – nothing new for Silly Phillie®

Celebrity Baby Gift for Haley Joy

Personalized Rocking Horse for Haley Joy

Few manufacturers make more baby gifts for celebrities than Silly Phillie®. Sometimes orders are placed directly on and sometimes we receive a call from the gift giver. Hoda Kotb’s gift was actually sold by All About Gifts & Baskets, one of our valued re-sellers.

In either case, the gift is designed and made to order by Silly Phillie®.  Our most popular celebrity baby gift is either a Personalized Rocking Horse-like the one we did for Haley Joy- or a Deluxe Welcome Wagon. Both are fabulous high quality gifts that will impress even a celebrity!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes since 1985. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao






unique baby shower diaper cakes for twins

New from Silly Phillie®-Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are always a big hit at a baby shower.  In fact,  you’ll often see one used as a baby shower centerpiece to decorate the table of the mother-to-be.  Sometimes, mini diaper cakes will be placed on each table at the shower to create a festive baby mood.

Traditional Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Tasty Baby Shower Diaper Cakes made by Silly Phillie

Traditional diaper cakes are designed to look just like a cake.  Most often they come in two, three, and four layer configurations. Really good ones look fabulous and are made with diapers plus quality layette items for baby. The above photo, for example,  shows multi layer diaper cakes in pink and blue made by Silly Phillie® for 1800flowers.

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes don’t have to look like a Cake

Who says all diaper cakes must look like a cake? Today, you’ll find many less traditional “diaper cakes” designed to look like something other than a cake. Some examples Include baby carriages, bassinets, strollers, sailboats, and lots of different animals.

In fact, Silly Phillie® just introduced two new animal inspired variations of a diaper cake. The first is an Elephant Diaper Cake for Twins.  It includes diapers and layette items for both babies! In addition, the gift can be customized to match the gender of the new arrivals. Gifts for twins are hard to find. Check out

Unique Baby Shoer Diaper Cakes-Caterpillar Gift Set

New Caterpillar Diaper cake Baby Gift from Silly Phillie

The second is the Caterpillar Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Set. This one is made for a single baby and includes the customary diapers and layette items you’d expect in a diaper cake from Silly Phillie®. We’re excited about these unique new animal inspired baby shower diaper cakes.  Look for others to follow in the near future.

About Silly Phillie® 

Thoughts on Postpartum Depression

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® branded products are made with love in the USA. They are sold in select retail stores,  on scores of  e-commerce gift boutiques, and directly on

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our uncommonly high quality baby gifts. Or send an email to: 

Would love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao






Friendly Frog Ultimate Terry Bath Time gift set

Luxury Baby Gifts Made To Order By Silly Phillie


Silly Phillie® is known for making luxury baby gifts. Those gifts usually share common traits such as a distinctive style, upscale components for baby, plus a knockout gift presentation that never fails to impress even the most discerning of new parents.

Luxury Baby Gifts from Silly Phillie®

Many of the company’s luxury baby gifts are indeed large creations featuring a signature component. Examples include our beautiful wood rocking horses, rocking chairs, and  Deluxe Welcome Wagon™ toys.  These items usually come embellished with an abundance of quality layette items.

The latest luxury baby gifts from Silly Phillie® take a different path. Rather than basing the gift around a premium wood toy, these new gifts are luxurious based on the quality of the fabric and distinctiveness of the design.

That fabric is a super premium quality terry velour. It is meticulously woven from 14 oz 100% combed cotton yarn.  The result is a fabric so soft,  so absorbent  and so luxurious we had to call it “Ultimate Terry Velour”.  As a result, all of our hooded towels, bathrobes, bibs and burp pads are simply a cut above other quality terry items for baby.

Ultimate Terry Velour + Unique Designs = Luxury Baby Gifts

Friendly Frog Baby Bath time Ensemble is the latest luxury baby gift from Silly Phillie® featuring Ultimate Terry Velour fabric. The set includes a luxurious hooded bathrobe (18 mos.) and over-sized hooded towel (28″ x 44″). Both items feature an adorable frog design on the hood and are made to order in the USA by Silly Phillie®. The gift can also be ordered personalized as an option.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. They are lovingly made to order in the USA at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® branded merchandise is sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on  Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or drop me an email at 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao








Personalized layette for Baby Girl

Uncommon Baby Gifts make a lasting Impression

The search for Uncommon Baby Gifts typically begins when a baby shower invitation arrives or someone just had a baby. This could be a family member, friend, co-worker or business associate.

Let’s face it, a new baby is one of the most exciting and momentous occasions in life.  As a result, it is only natural to want to celebrate the event with a very special gift for the new baby.

There’s also another reason. Everyone knows that parents are inundated with gifts for a new baby. Consequently, a gift must be unique in order to stand out and have a chance of being fondly remembered as time passes.

Where to find Uncommon Baby Gifts

The Internet is definitely the best place to begin looking for uncommon baby gifts.  Some people have a “go-to-gift” they like to give.  Most others need to search for one. But beware, there’s a bewildering number of manufacturers websites and e-commerce baby boutiques to shop on the internet.

I suggest you start your search on  Etsy has a wide selection of uncommon baby gifts that are crafted in the USA by small manufacturers.  If you don’t find something you like on Etsy, try searching on Google using the search terms “uncommon baby gifts” and “unique baby gifts”.

What makes a great baby gift?

Just because something is uncommon doesn’t make it a fantastic baby gift. A gift for a baby must also be incredibly cute, purposeful and filled with lots of love.  Personalized baby gifts of practically any kind are always a big hit with new parents.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. They are lovingly made to order in the USA at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® branded merchandise is sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on  Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a women owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gifts. Or you can drop me an email at 

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao







Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie® -personalized rocking horse gift set

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie®… a Labor of Love


Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® are one of a kind.  That’s because each one is made to order in Brooklyn, NY.  Making baby gifts in the USA is a rarity.  Most others are massed produced overseas. The difference is one you can see, one you’ll love, and one you’d be proud to give or receive.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao is the person responsible for designing the entire collection of baby gifts by Silly Phillie®. Moreover, she has established a remarkable track record for creativity and product innovation. Some of her more iconic baby gifts include Welcome Wagon & Rocking Horse baby gift sets, as well the The Original Baby Hoagie and Special Delivery Pizza.

Furthermore, as company founder and majority owner of Silly Phillie® Creations, Phyllis works tirelessly designing exciting new products while actively overseeing production to make sure each gift looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a “labor of love” requiring both talent and perseverance.

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® is Serious Business

Brooklyn Progress is a bi-monthly publication of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The November/December 2016 issue includes a full page profile titled “Silly Phillie® is Serious about Baby Gifts”.  The article tracks the company’s growth from a start up in 1985, to becoming a major brand in the baby gift category today.

Additionally, the article talks about Phyllis’ commitment to manufacturing in Brooklyn, and her continued ability to introduce new and exciting gifts.  You can read the complete story by clicking this link to view the publication, then navigate to page 4.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. Company products are lovingly made to order in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® products are sold wholesale to retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly to the public on  Finally, Silly Phillie® is a women owned, family business since 1985.  To inquire about our products and services, please call 855.885.3900.

Richard S’Dao



Wholesale Baby Gifts for retail stores

How to profit from Wholesale Baby Gifts

Wholesale baby gifts are purchased and sold by a variety of different brick & mortar retailers. And for good reason. Baby gifts as a category sell well, usually at full markup, and produce minuscule returns. The type of stores that profit from selling baby gifts are Baby Boutiques, Hospital Gift shops, General Gift Stores, Florists, Department and Specialty Stores.

What to look for in Wholesale Baby Gifts

Most retail stores today have a limited amount of shelf space and sales personnel. Given these obstacles, a baby gift must possess a great amount of presence in order to stand out and be noticed. Moreover,  the following is a list of attributes to look for in wholesale baby gifts:

  1. Eye-catching presentation
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Quality components
  4. Gender specific theme
  5. Clear description of contents
  6. Price competitiveness

Best ways to find Wholesale Baby Gifts

There are several ways to shop for wholesale baby gifts. The first and fastest is to search the internet. It is quite common for manufacturers to showcase their products on a company website.  Most also allow qualified retailers to place orders online.

Second, industry trade shows are a great way of actually seeing lots of products in one place.  A trade show is also a good place to discover new vendors and find new products that are being introduced at the show,

Finally, shopping retail stores in your area is a must.  It is vital to know what products are being sold by competition, and learn about their pricing & merchandising strategies in order to refine your selling efforts.

Silly Phillie® Wholesale Baby Gifts

Safari Hooded Towel Wholesale Baby Gift

Safari Hooded Towel Baby Gift Set

Anyone looking for wholesale baby gifts should check out Silly Phillie®. For over thirty years, Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing some of the most unique gifts for babies. Most importantly, these gifts have a proven track record of strong performance in retail stores of all types and sizes.

Two things distinguish Silly Phillie® baby gifts. The first is unique designs. No other line of products can match the originality and presentation of a baby gift made by Silly Phillie®. The Original Baby Hoagie and Safari Hooded Towel Gift Set are two examples of this.

The other is superior quality. Every Silly Phillie® baby gift is proudly made to order in the USA. This results in a level of quality that simply cannot be matched by mass produced imported gifts. Significantly, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce awarded it’s coveted Brooklyn-Made Certification to Silly Phillie®.

Silly Phillie® baby gifts are available for purchase wholesale on Retailers can register for an account online and once approved will be able to place orders at wholesale pricing, Please click the following link to the  wholesale signup application.

You can also call toll free 855.885.3900 if you have questions or need additional information about our wholesale baby gifts.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Owner & Designer

Silly Phillie® Creations









Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts are Brooklyn-Made

Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts Receive Brooklyn-Made Certification

I am delighted to announce that Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts received a prestigious Brooklyn-Made Certification.  Managed by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn-Made is a certification program for locally-made goods. The certification is a market-driven, geographically-focused certification assessing and validating products manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.

Silly Phillie® was approved on August 26th along with a number of other fine Brooklyn based manufacturers. The announcement is posted on the homepage of the Brooklyn-Made website. This recognition reinforces our strategy of making better quality products in the USA. The fact that we’re able to do so  in my home town is the icing on the cake for me personally.

Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts- a difference you can see.

Brooklyn-Made certification is important to Silly Phillie® for these reasons:

  1.  Brooklyn-Made is a source of pride to our staff, many of whom live and are raising families in Brooklyn.
  2. It helps communicate our made-to-order domestic manufacturing approach. Most of our competitors, on the other hand, mass produce their baby gifts overseas.
  3.  Brooklyn-Made provides a rationale for why Silly Phillie® Baby Gifts look so much more impressive than most.  It’s a difference you can see.  Please visit www, to see for yourself.

That’s all the news I have to share with you at this time. With the Christmas Holiday’s right around the corner, please come back soon to explore our new collection of holiday inspired baby gifts. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can customize something to your liking. After all, our products are Brooklyn-Made!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie®




1800 flowers baby boy diaper cake

Cool Baby Gifts that never go out of style!



Everyone loves cool gifts,  especially cool baby gifts!

In fact, retailers and manufacturers understand the importance of cool baby gifts and aggressively target that exact keyword in Google search to generate interest in their products and increase website traffic.

 Cool Baby Gifts are hot for the following reasons:

  1. The event.  A new baby is one of the the most joyful experiences in life.  Consequently,  friends, family and even co-workers look to celebrate the occasion with gifts that match that level of excitement.
  2. Product choices.  Few categories have benefited as much from technological advances as baby products.  Scores of new & “cool” products are introduced each year for babies.
  3.  Young demographics.  The baby gift category is driven by people between the ages of 24-39.  This youthful group is up to date with the latest product trends, especially those that are driven by technology.
  4. Gift clutter. New parents are inundated with gifts.  Therefore, for a gift to stand out it be must be unique and cool in some way.  Nowhere is this need more important than at a baby shower where gifts are usually opened in front of everyone!

Top 5 cool baby gifts

  1. A stroller system.  Technology has impacted the stroller perhaps more than any other baby product. Strollers today are complete travel systems. Some include an easy snap and go car seat.  One popular model is the Britax Travel System.
  2. Formula Maker.  Preparing formula bottles has never been easier. Modern formula machines mix, heat and dispense formula in seconds. Check out the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. 
  3. Rocking Horse Gift Set. Every baby needs a rocking horse to call their own.  A rocking horse looks great in the nursery and will become a treasured keepsake toy as baby grows. Silly Phillie® offers a wide collection of beautiful Rocking Horse Gift Sets.
  4. Baby Humidifier. A humidifier is an essential but often over looked piece of equipment in a baby’s nursery. Dry air, especially during winter time, can irritate baby’s skin and nasal passages. One of my personal favorites is the line of Crane Cool Mist Animal Humidifiers.  
  5. BabyBjorn. This timeless baby carrier is a favorite of new parents. It is ergonomically designed to fit baby perfectly, comfortable for parents to wear and comes in eight bright colors.

 5 More Cool Baby Gifts

  1. Cloth Diapers.  More and more new parents today are turning to natural cloth diapers as a viable option to disposables. They are Eco-friendly and cheaper and more cost efficient than disposables.  Read this excellent summary-Cloth Diapers 101– before deciding whether to make this your gift.
  2. Diaper Cake. If cloth diapers is not your style, then consider a beautiful Diaper Cake baby gift. Diaper Cakes became all the rage after one was featured on the former hit show Sex in the City.  Well made Diaper Cakes are made with disposal diapers and quality layette items. Check out this one sold on
  3. Personalized baby gifts.  Any thing personalized with baby’s name goes over big with the new parents. Baby blankets & bath hooded towels are just two items that look great personalized.
  4.  Books. its never too early to start reading to a baby. In fact, reading to children from early infancy leads to increased neural activity according to a study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Start baby’s library with books like Corduroy, the Very Hunger Caterpillar, and Is Your Mama a Llama.
  5. Welcome Wagon. Last but not least is a Deluxe Welcome Wagon from Silly Phillie®. These beautiful baby gift sets come filled with an abundance of quality layette items and accessories for baby.  It is a superior alternative to  baby gift baskets because it includes a fabulous keepsake wood wagon pull-toy for baby.

In summary, there are many cool baby gifts to choose from. But the coolest ones in my opinion are those the new parents really, really wanted or didn’t know they needed. I hope you found this helpful in your search for cool baby gifts.

Until next time….

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie®












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Ultimate Baby Gift-6 step guide from Silly Phillie

I am often asked for an opinion on what makes an ultimate baby gift.  I have designed many iconic baby gifts over the last 30 years as owner of Silly Phillie®. But I find it impossible to point to any one of those or any others as the “ultimate baby gift”. All baby gifts are special in one way or another. The more money spent on a gift the more impressive the gift becomes as a general rule.  I recently created a customized baby gift for a customer who wanted to spend $300. That’s considerably more than the average baby gift. The result was a fabulous gift everyone loved. You can look at it here.

Ultimate Baby Gift-“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Was that the ultimate baby gift?  Maybe maybe not. It actually depends on the joint perspectives of the gift giver and the recipient. You know the idiom ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s also important to note that money alone is not the deciding factor in giving the ultimate baby gift.

The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

Ultimate Baby Gift-Caterpillar Welcome Wagon

Uncommon Caterpillar Welcome Wagon Baby Gift

It is safe to conclude that there is no one ultimate baby gift.  I personally feel that an extraordinary baby gift must have all of the following things going for it to be considered truly special.

  • Uniqueness-Nothing impresses new parents more than a gift they haven’t seen before.  Uncommon baby gifts always make a lasting impression.
  • Functional-Parents need lots of things for a new baby, especially if its a firstborn child. Make sure your gift is functional and fills a need.
  • Superior quality-A gift is only as good as the quality of the product or products inside. Nothing ruins the impression of a baby gift more than inferior product quality.
  • Relevant theme-Look for a gift with a theme that’s meaningful to the new parents. If they are sports fans for example, a sports themed baby gift will be a big hit!
  • Personalized for babyNew parents love personalized baby gifts. It’s the extra special touch that makes a baby gift memorable.
  • Outstanding presentation- First impressions count. Look for a gift that has that “oh wow” factor but not at the exclusion of all of the above.

In conclusion. an ultimate baby gift comes down to one you love giving, and one the new parents need and appreciate.  Silly Phillie® specializes in creating made to order keepsake quality baby gifts.  Please think of us whenever you need to give a so called “ultimate baby gift” or simply one that stands out form all the rest! Phyllis Gordon S’Dao Owner/Designer-Silly Phillie®