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Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie® -personalized rocking horse gift set

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie®… a Labor of Love


Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® are one of a kind.  That’s because each one is made to order in Brooklyn, NY.  Making baby gifts in the USA is a rarity.  Most others are massed produced overseas. The difference is one you can see, one you’ll love, and one you’d be proud to give or receive.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao is the person responsible for designing the entire collection of baby gifts by Silly Phillie®. Moreover, she has established a remarkable track record for creativity and product innovation. Some of her more iconic baby gifts include Welcome Wagon & Rocking Horse baby gift sets, as well the The Original Baby Hoagie and Special Delivery Pizza.

Furthermore, as company founder and majority owner of Silly Phillie® Creations, Phyllis works tirelessly designing exciting new products while actively overseeing production to make sure each gift looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a “labor of love” requiring both talent and perseverance.

Baby Gifts by Silly Phillie® is Serious Business

Brooklyn Progress is a bi-monthly publication of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. The November/December 2016 issue includes a full page profile titled “Silly Phillie® is Serious about Baby Gifts”.  The article tracks the company’s growth from a start up in 1985, to becoming a major brand in the baby gift category today.

Additionally, the article talks about Phyllis’ commitment to manufacturing in Brooklyn, and her continued ability to introduce new and exciting gifts.  You can read the complete story by clicking this link to view the publication, then navigate to page 4.

About Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. Company products are lovingly made to order in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Silly Phillie® products are sold wholesale to retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly to the public on  Finally, Silly Phillie® is a women owned, family business since 1985.  To inquire about our products and services, please call 855.885.3900.

Richard S’Dao



Ultimate Terry Velour hooded towels from Silly Phillie

Ultimate Hooded Towels introduced by Silly Phillie

Silly Phillie® is delighted to announce the arrival of Ultimate Hooded Towels made from super premium 100% cotton terry velour. For those not familiar with woven terry velour fabric, one side is sheared to produce a soft  “velour” like finish.  The other side is highly absorbent loop terry.

Silly Phillie® Ultimate Hooded Towels are made not from ordinary terry velour. In fact, luxury hotels use this very same premium fabric to make their expensive  bathrobes. Silly Phillie® imports the fabric directly from a renowned fabric mill in Europe. The towels themselves are made to order by Silly Phillie® in the USA!

Ultimate Hooded Towels

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Ultimate Hooded Towels are the first in a soon to be available line of premium terry velour products.  Additional hooded towels, kids bathrobes, bibs and burp pads are all in the works.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Hooded Towels have a lot going for them. They’re positively adorable as anyone can see,  over sized to fit babies and toddlers,  and quality made in the USA.  But the most important thing is how wonderful the towels feel. One touch is all that’s needed to realize these are not ordinary hooded towels.

If you’re contemplating  giving a hooded towel as a gift, or buying one for your own child, choose one that feels as good as it looks! Also, Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear towels can be purchased personalized with a child’s name on

Makeing Hooded Towels the “old fashioned” way

Silly Phillie® Creations was launched more than 30 years ago with two items: a hooded towel and a matching hooded back sack.  Both were made in the USA from premium terry velour fabric.  Rich terry velour fabric helped put Silly Phillie® on the map back then.  With it’s return, the company is back to what make it great in the first place!

If you have any questions about this piece or would like additional information, please email me, , or leave a reply below.  I’d love to hear from you.

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

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Classic Silly Phillie Kids Bathrobe worn by Prince George

Kids Bathrobe fit for Prince George!


Prince George of the British Royal Family was photographed recently wearing an adorable Kids Bathrobe while greeting President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on their visit to London. The photograph went viral and the press sized upon the event to write articles about the virtues of the bathrobe worn by Prince George. One of the articles written about Prince George’s bathrobe included a mention of Silly Phillie® kids bathrobes. The article with photos of both “royal” families can be read here.

Kids Bathrobe-A Classic Silly Phillie® Style

Silly Phillie Classic Kids Bathrobe

Personalized Kids Bathrobe from Silly Phillie

Silly Phillie has been making kids bathrobes for more than 30 years. The first product ever made by Silly Phillie® was in fact a kids bathrobe. The company continues to make beautiful bathrobes for kids in Brooklyn, NY. The one worn by Prince George is remarkably similar to the classic Silly Phillie® kids bathrobe. Both are made of white terry fabric. Each is trimmed with gingham check fabric and come with a hood and fabric belt. The Silly Phillie® bathrobe also includes Velcro on the two front panels to help keep the robe closed snuggly when worn.

Awesome Personalized Baby Gift or Kids Gift

The Silly Phillie® Kids Bathrobe can be personalized with a child’s name same as the one worn by Prince George. The name is embroidered on front using a complimentary blue thread. This Classic Kids Bathrobe can be ordered at Silly Phillie’s Classic Kids Bathrobe can be ordered for a little Princess too. Instead of blue gingham trim and blue lettering, the girls version comes  trimmed with pink gingham and pink lettering. Either way, a kids bathrobe personalized makes a wonderful baby gift, first birthday gift, or something to give your own child just because he or she is your little Prince or Princess!

A “royal” thank you for reading and sharing this article!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao (Silly Phillie)