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Unique Bay Gifts-Super deluxe welcome wagon baby boy gift

Unique Baby Gifts Make a Lasting Impression


The other day a woman named Angelique called to order a baby gift. The gift was for an important  business associate at a large pharmaceutical company.

Angelique emphasized that she wanted a unique baby gift that would make a big impression. She specified that It had to be a Welcome Wagon™ baby gift and it had to also include a Silly Phillie® bathrobe.  More about the bathrobe later.

After several minutes reviewing options together Angelique decided to order a Personalized Deluxe Welcome Wagon Gift for Baby Boy . We agreed to substitute a bathrobe for the normally included bath bag and I offered to personalized the bathrobe at no additional cost.

So far nothing was unusual about the call.  Silly Phillie® excels in making unique baby gifts, owns the trademark on Welcome Wagon™ baby gifts, and routinely customizes baby gifts for customers. With a made to order in Brooklyn business model, customizing baby gifts is one of the things that separates Silly Phillie® from competitiors.

Once the order was finalized Angelique told me an amazing story about how she came about calling Silly Phillie®.  This is her story without embellishment and with her approval to write about it.

Unique Baby Gifts-a Silly Phillie® tradtion

Nine years ago  Angelique gave birth to a set of twins. She and her husband received many baby gifts. The gift they treasured most was a Welcome Wagon™ gift for twins.  And among the many items in the gift set were, you may have guessed it, two adorable bathrobes.

So when Angelique needed a special baby gift the first thing she thought of was that Welcome Wagon™. But there was a slight problem.  She couldn’t remember the name of the manufacturer. The story gets even more interesting. Angelica remembered that she still had both bathrobes at home. She’s been saving them for sentimental reasons-her kids really loved these robes-and partly because she hopes to hand them down to grandchildren one day.

That night Angelique checked the neck labels and discovered that the bathrobes were made by Silly Phillie®. The next day she google searched our company and found To her delight she saw that we still make Welcome Wagon™ Baby Gifts and bathrobes, too.

Stories like this one are fantastic to hear. Throughout our 30 plus years in business we’ve heard countless stories about how one or more of our products touched the life of a baby, child or parent in a very special way. Creating unique baby gifts is our passion at Silly Phillie®. Stories like Angelique’s is our reward.

Richard S’Dao

Silly Phillie personalized baby gifts @ Buy Buy Baby

Personalized Baby Gifts & Buy Buy Baby


Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond is in the process of launching a new program featuring Silly Phillie® baby gifts.  It is the first time these two retailers will be selling Silly Phillie® baby gifts.

Silly Phillie personalized baby gifts selling at Bed Bath & Beyond

All of us at Silly Phillie® are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with these two fine retailers. Their large customer base should mean significant additional exposure and sales for our line of unique baby gifts.

But the thing we are most proud of is that Silly Phillie® is the brand they chose to offer personalized baby gifts for the first time. This is a significant step for these retailers and we are honored that they have placed their trust in our company for this new initiative.

personalized baby gifts selling at buy buy baby

Lion Hooded Towel Personalized

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

Silly Phillie® has been selling unique personalized baby gifts for more than 20 years. It is one of our major points of difference versus other baby gift companies, along with our signature quality and unique designs.

For the triple B’s as we like to refer to them, we created some exciting new products we feel their customers will love. They in turn built a really cool, interactive personalization model for their website. Basically it shows the customer how the name to be personalized will look on the product before the purchase is made.

While not entirely new technology it is nevertheless quite impressive and helpful. Please click here to see how this process works.

What else is new at Silly Phillie? Well, we are a week or two away from launching a partnership with another well respected retailer. While it’s too early to name drop, we are excited about this new opportunity and we’ll announce it here just as soon as it happens.

I would to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. If you plan to travel as many people do for this holiday please be safe.

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)




Maven Clinic

Maven-An Exciting New Heath-Care Option for Women


Silly Phillie® is especially sensitive to the needs and well being of women. After all, the company is owned by a woman, 85% of staff are women, and not surprisingly, 100% of babies are born from- you guessed it- women!  Yes, men still haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

That’s why whenever I come across a product or service that’s beneficial to women I try my best to share it with as many women as possible. Call it the sisterhood of Ya Ya, which is what my granddaughters affectionately call me. Cute, right?

Maven is a godsend for busy working mothers

My latest discovery is Maven. Maven is a new and exciting digital health care service for women.  Relevant to all women, Maven is especially valuable for those pre & postpartum, when a women usually needs lots of help and advice from a knowledgeable health care practitioner.

Maven works like this. Once you download their app onto your smartphone or tablet, you can connect with a recommended service provider via a video appointment. Service providers include highly qualified pediatricians, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, and OB/GYNs.  You’ll be able to meet face-to-face with a provider in real time to discuss your needs.  Billing is based on the type of provider you meet with and time spent. All of this is done quickly, conveniently and securely.  No more waiting for a doctor appointment or sitting around for hours in a waiting room to get answers to simple questions.

Let’s be clear about one thing. Maven is not a substitute for regular doctor appointments. It is however a wonderful resource to connect with a heath care professional when you need to consult with someone quickly.  With practically everything else available today on the Internet, Maven now makes quality health care for women just a keystroke away. Brilliant!

Free Appointment on Maven

And that’s not all. Friends of Silly Phillie® can have their appointment with a health-care professional on Maven for free… a $35 value. Simply download their app onto your smartphone or tablet and enter the promo code SILLYPHILLIE .

Please visit the Maven website  to download the app. Think of it as a healthy new relationship!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)


Unique Baby Gifts-Silly Phillie Bathrobes

Unique Baby Gifts for Twins…Silly Phillie Bathrobes


One of  our dear customers shared this recent photo of her twin boys, Bryce & Blake, wearing Silly Phillie® bathrobes at approximately six months of age. The boys are just too, too cute and look like they’re having a blast in their coordinated Sailboat hooded bathrobes.

Unique Baby Gifts

A Silly Phillie® bathrobe is always among the more unique baby gifts one can give. Many of our loyal customers in fact have made it their signature baby gift for boys, girls, or twins. The reason is simple. Silly Phillie® bathrobes are beautifully designed, made with quality in the USA, and are perfect to dry & cuddle baby after bath.  They are available in many adorable designs, and can be personalized with baby’s name to make it a unique personalized baby gift.


Unique baby gifts-Sailboat Infant Bathrobe by Silly Phillie

Sailboat Infant Bathrobe by Silly Phillie

Twice as Nice Gift for Twins

If a Silly Phillie® bathrobe is a great baby gift idea, then two bathrobes are definitely twice as nice as a gift for twins. But don’t take my word for it. Look at how happy & content Bryce & Blake are in their Silly Phillie® bathrobes. Babies love wearing them because of how secure they feel wrapped in one. And parents love them because they look sensational on baby.

Unique baby gifts for Toddlers Too

Silly Phillie® bathrobes are available in three infant sizes (12, 18, & 24 months). No matter how large the baby is at birth, we have a size that’s just right. We also offer toddler sized robes ( 2T, 3T, & 4T) for the older child. These are perfect to give as a first birthday gift, or as a gift for an older sibling.

Silly Phillie® is known for its many unique baby gifts. But the truth of the matter is there would not be a Silly Phillie® at all if it weren’t for the initial and continued popularity of it’s hooded terry bathrobes.

A big thank you & shout out to Bryce & Blake’s parents for sharing this marvelous photo of their boys and allowing us to use it in Silly Phillie® News.