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Gender reveal layette cake from Silly Phillie

New Gender Reveal Layette Cake from Silly Phillie


Many parents today are choosing to host a Gender Reveal Party to announce and in some cases discover the sex of their baby among family and friends.  

There are lots of creative ideas on how to orchestrate a climactic end to a gender reveal party. That’s the moment of truth when baby’s sex is revealed and everyone gets a “sweet surprise”

The Internet is full of suggestions on how to reveal baby’s gender at a party. Some are simple others more elaborate. Doesn’t it amaze you how creative people get when it comes to a newborn baby?

Some of my favorite gender reveal ideas include: 1) a giant box filled with either pink or blue balloons-very dramatic; 2) a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender written on a card by the OB or Ultrasound Technician; and 3) colored cupcakes. This can be done by adding pink or blue food coloring to a white cake mix, then covering it with enough frosting so that no cake shows until biting into it. Yummy!

You can find a more cool gender reveal Ideas on

Gender Reveal Layette Cake from Silly Phillie®

There are many fun ways to reveal baby’s sex at a gender reveal party. But there’s only one that’s built around actual layette items for baby to use after birth. The product I refer to is Silly Phillie’s new & exciting Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake™.

I invite you to view the following video to see how Silly Phillie’s Gender Reveal layette Cake can be used at a party.

Gender Reveal Layette Cake Demo Video

Here are some other things you should know about Silly Phillie’s Gender Reveal layette Cake:

  1. Each one is lovingly made to order in the USA by Silly Phillie®;
  2. The cake is made with a hooded baby towel embroidered with “Sweet Baby”, 4-washcloths (one embroidered with “Sweet Baby”), and either a blue or pink baby bib hidden inside embroidered with boy or girl; and
  3. Gender Reveal Layette Cake can also be ordered as a conventional baby gift or baby shower gift.

I hope you like my new Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake™. It is available now on

Until next time,

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)