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Unique Diaper Cake by Silly Phillie®

unique baby shower diaper cakes for twins

New from Silly Phillie®-Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are always a big hit at a baby shower.  In fact,  you’ll often see one used as a baby shower centerpiece to decorate the table of the mother-to-be.  Sometimes, mini diaper cakes will be placed on each table at the shower to create a festive baby mood.

Traditional Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Tasty Baby Shower Diaper Cakes made by Silly Phillie

Traditional diaper cakes are designed to look just like a cake.  Most often they come in two, three, and four layer configurations. Really good ones look fabulous and are made with diapers plus quality layette items for baby. The above photo, for example,  shows multi layer diaper cakes in pink and blue made by Silly Phillie® for 1800flowers.

Unique Baby Shower Diaper Cakes don’t have to look like a Cake

Who says all diaper cakes must look like a cake? Today, you’ll find many less traditional “diaper cakes” designed to look like something other than a cake. Some examples Include baby carriages, bassinets, strollers, sailboats, and lots of different animals.

In fact, Silly Phillie® just introduced two new animal inspired variations of a diaper cake. The first is an Elephant Diaper Cake for Twins.  It includes diapers and layette items for both babies! In addition, the gift can be customized to match the gender of the new arrivals. Gifts for twins are hard to find. Check out

Unique Baby Shoer Diaper Cakes-Caterpillar Gift Set

New Caterpillar Diaper cake Baby Gift from Silly Phillie

The second is the Caterpillar Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Set. This one is made for a single baby and includes the customary diapers and layette items you’d expect in a diaper cake from Silly Phillie®. We’re excited about these unique new animal inspired baby shower diaper cakes.  Look for others to follow in the near future.

About Silly Phillie® 

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Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® branded products are made with love in the USA. They are sold in select retail stores,  on scores of  e-commerce gift boutiques, and directly on

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our uncommonly high quality baby gifts. Or send an email to: 

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Special Delivery Personalized Baby Gift

Personalized Baby Gifts-Make it Special


A newborn baby is one of the most exciting life changing experiences in life. Celebrating the occasion calls for a  baby gift that’s every bit as unique and special as the new arrival. That’s why so many people turn to personalized baby gifts as their way to say welcome to the world.

So many Personalized Baby Gifts, so many Baby Names!

Silly Phillie® has sold over 150,000 personalized baby gifts over the past 20 years. While that fact is not surprising –  Silly Phillie®, after all, is a leading baby gift company – what is surprising is how many distinct names we’ve personalized on our baby gifts.

We have a total of 7500 different baby names in our database so far. That’s an enormous amount of names when you stop to think about it. This is especially astonishing when you consider that not too long ago new parents were selecting names from a very short list of popular names.

Baby Names-Trendier the Better

Trends come and go when it comes to naming a baby.  But one thing is paramount today. New parents want to give their baby a name that is different.  Sometimes that means choosing a conventional name but spelling it differently.  Two names with several spelling options are: Carlee, Carleigh, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Karlie for girls;  or Casen, Cason, Cayson, Kasen, Kayson for boys.

An even bigger trend is choosing unconventional names inspired by a host of different influences. Here is what we see trending now:

Nouns: Rainbow, Snow, Ocean, Pine, Love, etc

Celestial objects: Moon, Nova, Luna Jupiter, Skye, etc.

Colors: Indigo, Blues, Red, Violet, Amber, Jade, etc

Another trend fueled by social changes is the redefining of gendered names.  Girls are being given names traditionally reserved for boys such as Max.  And boys are being given names more closely identified with girls such as Indigo. This clearly reflects the shifting values in our society toward the definition of gender.

Silly Phillie® offers a full collection of beautiful personalized baby gifts at Each one is made to order in Brooklyn, NY. and you can count it to be as special as the baby you are sending it to!

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Owner & Designer










photo of a baby boy

5 Best Baby Boy Gifts


Finding a gift for a baby boy has never been easier. Thousands of online retailers sell baby boy gifts today so finding one is as simple as doing a Google search.

But with the increase in the number of retailers selling baby gifts, there also has been an explosion in the variety of different products available, including baby gift baskets, diaper cakes, & Welcome Wagons™ to name a few.  So while finding a baby boy gift is easier, choosing the right one has become harder.

So how do you go about selecting that “perfect” baby boy gift? For starters, it’s important to consider whether the baby is a first born or not. If it’s a first child you can safely assume practically everything is needed.  I advise customers to check to see if a gift registry was setup. Choosing a gift from a registry is simple and ensures your gift will be needed and appreciated.

If he’s not a first born baby gear such as strollers, bouncers, car seats & slings can be eliminated from consideration. It’s safe to assume the parents already have this equipment to hand down. So the focus should turn to finding a unique baby boy gift. Here’s so help:

5 Best Baby Boy Gifts

Welcome Wagon™ baby gift.  There’s something magical about giving a baby boy his first set of wheels. Combine this with the name Welcome Wagon™  and it’s easy to see why this is the number one baby gift sold by Silly Phillie® year after year. With two different size Welcome Wagons to choose from, different price points, and personalized options, a Welcome Wagon™ should be at the top of your list for best baby boy gifts.

Welcome Wagon Baby Boy Gift

Deluxe Welcome Wagon Baby Boy Gift

Rocking Horse baby gift.  A quality wood rocking horse is an excellent choice among baby boy gifts.  Not only does It make an impressive presentation, but it’ll look great in a nursery, and also become one of baby’s favorite toys as he grows. There are lots of great rocking horse choices, including those that come coordinated with layette items, like the ones offered by Silly Phillie®.

Rocking Horse Baby Gift by Silly Phillie

Personalized Rocking Horse                     Gift Set

Sports Themed Baby Gift Basket.  New parents love baby gift baskets with a sports theme for their new baby boy.  If the parents are wild about a particular team, look for gifts with that team’s logo. If that’s not an option, generic sports themes like Little Slugger, All-Star & MVP are always a big hit!  Silly Phillie® offers a variety of sports related baby gift baskets that knock the ball out of the park when it comes to best baby boy gifts.

Sports Baby Gift Basket

Let’s Play Ball Dad!

Forever Baby Book® Diaper Cake. A diaper cake is always a fun and practical gift that everyone loves. They come filled with useful items for baby and look great, particularly as a baby shower gift.  The Forever Baby Book® Diaper Cake for baby boy is hard to beat.  It is made to order by Silly Phillie®, includes sports themed layette & accessories for baby, and a beautiful 12″ x 9″ hard covered Forever Baby Book® Keepsake Photo Album.

Sports Themed Diaper Cake with a Forever Baby Book Photo Album

A baby boy gift to remember

Safari Hooded Towel Baby Gift.  A quality hooded towel (or two) is an essential item in every baby’s layette. The Safari Hooded Towel Gift Set by Silly Phillie® is one that deserves to be on the list of best baby boy gifts.  With it’s masculine lion designed hood,  complimentary safari animal washcloths, and made in the USA  premium quality, this is the king of the jungle of baby towels.

Lion Hooded Towel Baby Gift Set

The king of baby boy gifts

I hope you find this list of best baby boy gifts helpful the next time you go shopping for one. As always, we’re here to help. Give us a call or send an email with any questions you might have.

Phyllis…Silly Phillie®




Belly Stickers Diaper Cake

12 reasons why Belly Stickers Diaper Cake is such a memorable baby gift


Silly Phillie’s new Belly Stickers Diaper Cake includes, among other things, a set of 12 adorable monthly stickers. These large, brightly colored & numbered from one to twelve stickers are designed to be used as props for parents to take a photo each month during baby’s magical first year.  The above photo shows our little sweetheart Jessa at 5 months sitting up wearing a belly sticker. Precious!

Here are some of the milestones belly stickers will help capture:

Month 1: photo of  baby home from the hospital

Month 2:  photo of baby getting in her new surroundings

Month 3:  photo of baby beginning to smile

Month 4: photo of baby playing with hands & toys

Month 5: photo of baby sitting up & eating first solid foods

Month 6: photo of baby out & about with mommy & daddy

Month 7: photo of baby beginning to talk-not just babble!

Month 8: photo of baby starting to crawl

Month 9: photo of baby exploring the surroundings

Month 10: photo of baby beginning to stand up while holding on for support

Month 11: photo of baby possibly taking first steps

Month 12: photo of baby celebrating his or her first birthday

Belly Stickers Diaper cake is sold with sets of stickers for boy, girl, or as shown below in a baby shower neutral collection. It is available now at Don’t forget to use promo code WINTER to save 20%.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake-Belly Stickers by Silly Phillie

Belly Stickers Diaper Cake


My First Holiday's Diaper Cake from Silly Phillie

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes-Baby Reid getting ready for Valentine’s Day


Baby Shower Diaper Cakes are fun & practical gifts to bring to a baby shower or give after baby is born. Silly Phillie® diaper cakes are visually exciting, impressively large and made to order in the USA with quality layette items and diapers for baby.

Baby’s First Holiday’s Diaper Cake shown in photo with baby Reid is actually one of Silly Phillie’s more unique baby gifts. That’s because It includes, among other items for baby, five beautifully embroidered  My First” bibs.

Baby Reid with his Silly Phillie My First Holiday's Diaper Cake baby gift

Baby Reid at one month & already 10+ lbs.



Four of the bibs feature a different holiday theme, while the fifth is a My First Birthday Bib. This gift therefore lasts baby’s entire first year, and offers the parents five opportunities to take a cute keepsake photo of baby on special occasions. It doesn’t get sweeter than that,  unless you’re Reid parents this Valentine’s day!

By the Way, the Diaper Cake shown in this post was custom made by Silly Phillie®. The plush bear sitting on top has a surfer theme because the proud father is a surfer dude from San Diego. Looks like Reid is already practicing his surfer moves!






Baby's First Holiday's baby shower diaper cake

Diaper Cakes…a baby gift as sweet as it looks.

Baby's First Holiday's Personalized Diaper Cake

Starting with the original Baby Cakes, Silly Phillie® has been baking up some very tasty diaper cake baby gifts over the years. And what’s not to love about a diaper cake. They look great, they’re made with fantastic items for baby, they can be personalized & customized to practically anyone’s taste, and they make a great baby shower gift. Baby’s First Holiday Diaper Cake with five holiday bibs is just the latest example of a unique diaper cake baby gift from Silly Phillie. See the entire collection at Silly Phillie diaper Cakes.