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Celebrity Baby Gift Made for Hoda Kotb

It’s always a source of excitement whenever Silly Phillie® is asked to make a celebrity baby gift. Hoda Kotb is the latest celebrity to receive a Silly Phillie baby gift.  As many of you know, Hoda Kotb is a noted newscaster and co-hosts NBC’S Today Show.

Ms. Kotb recently revealed that she adopted a baby girl and named her Haley Joy. It was an emotional event to say the least. Ms. Kotb battled cancer more than 10 years ago, leaving her unable to conceive a child.  She is experiencing the joy of motherhood for the first time at the age of 52.

But there ‘s more good news for Hoda Kotb.  Soon after adopting Haley Joy she announced plans to marry her boy friend, Joel Schiffman. Mr. Schiffman, 58 years of age, is Vice President & Director, Financial Institutions at Janus Capital Group. The two have been dating for 5 years and living together for over a year.

Celebrity Baby Gift – nothing new for Silly Phillie®

Celebrity Baby Gift for Haley Joy

Personalized Rocking Horse for Haley Joy

Few manufacturers make more baby gifts for celebrities than Silly Phillie®. Sometimes orders are placed directly on and sometimes we receive a call from the gift giver. Hoda Kotb’s gift was actually sold by All About Gifts & Baskets, one of our valued re-sellers.

In either case, the gift is designed and made to order by Silly Phillie®.  Our most popular celebrity baby gift is either a Personalized Rocking Horse-like the one we did for Haley Joy- or a Deluxe Welcome Wagon. Both are fabulous high quality gifts that will impress even a celebrity!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

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Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes since 1985. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

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Corparate baby gifts make happy employees

Beautiful Corporate Baby Gifts Customized by Silly Phillie®

As companies strive to establish themselves as compelling places to work, corporate baby gifts are on the rise, along with other family oriented benefits. A happy employee after all is a productive employee.

It is not uncommon today for companies both large and small to offer perks such as extended paid maternity leave, valuable child care options and flexible work arrangements. All of these benefits lead to higher employee retention rates and greater workplace satisfaction.

Corporate Baby Gifts Make Sense 

Employees are keenly aware of the family oriented benefits their company offers. In fact, these perks help attract new hires in the first place.   The benefits are expected and counted on whenever the need arises.

A baby gift on the other hand is an unexpected surprise.  When new parents receive a beautiful gift from their company it is much more personal. It sends a message of warmth and caring that builds a stronger relationships between the two.

What to look for in Corporate Baby Gifts

Gone are the days when any baby gift will suffice.  Businesses these days want gifts that are unique, impressive and consistently high in quality.  More often than not, a company will have a baby gift customized for them.  For example, one large financial company we know sends a personalized baby gift with information on setting up a college fund. Another well known Healthcare company gives a gift whenever they learn that an employee is expecting a new baby. Their gift appropriately includes a helpful Pregnancy Handbook.

Where to find Quality Corporate Baby Gifts

Corporate Baby Gifts customized by Silly Phillie

Unique Baby Gifts By Silly Phillie

The best corporate baby gifts are found online. That’s because e-commerce baby boutiques are able to offer a much larger selection of unique baby gifts than traditional retail stores. Also, they are are much better able to customize gifts.

Most online boutiques do not actually design or manufacture the products they sell. Instead, they depend on manufacturers like Silly Phillie® to provide products and handle the fulfillment. In other words, they are not unlike a retail store that carries merchandise from various manufacturers.

Whether working with a re-seller or directly with a manufacturer, product quality is the top priority.  Consequently, make sure the business entrusted to handle your corporate baby gifts has a proven track record of excellence.  After all, a company’s reputation is on the line each time it sends a baby gift to a valued employee or client.

Finally, it pays to know the tax implications of gift giving.  LBMC, a full service accounting firm, published an informative article on the topic in November 2016. Please click here to read it.

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Corporate baby Gifts designed by Silly Phillie

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Silly Phillie® designs and manufactures unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes.  Silly Phillie® products are made with love in the USA. Company products are sold in retail stores, drop shipped for online e-retailers, and sold directly on

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business since 1985. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our luxury baby gifts. Or send an email to: 

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