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baby gift baskets created by Silly Phillie®

Unique personalized baby gifts from Silly Phillie

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts Impress

Unique personalized baby gifts make a memorable impression. After all, new parents love seeing their baby’s name or monogram on a gift, especially if it’s a gift of quality.

Moreover, unique personalized baby gifts create more than immediate excitement. Usually they become treasured keepsakes that parents hold onto long after their baby grows.

Consider Giving these Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

As expected, there’s no shortage of personalized baby gifts to choose from. The list ranges from simple items like a personalized onsie, to more elaborate gifts such as a personalized rocking horse gift set.

The following are some of my favorite unique personalized baby gifts:

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts-premium terry bathrobes & hooded towels

Ultimate Terry Personalized Bathrobes

  1. Personalized Rocking Chair. Parents love receiving a rocking chair gift for their newborn. A rocking chair looks great in the nursery and baby will love it too once he or she is ready to sit in it.
  2. Sterling Silver Engraved Gifts from Tiffany. Nothing impresses new parents more than a gift from the company with that iconic blue box. Tiffany has many unique personalized baby gifts to choose from. Sure they’re expensive. But that’s the price you pay for a keepsake quality baby gift.
  3. 7-Piece Personalized Layette. This is one of my favorite personalized baby gifts. It includes 7 premium quality layette items, all made in the USA by Silly Phillie®. Each comes tastefully embroidered with baby’s 3-letter monogram to create a unique personalized baby gift.
  4. Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle.   This gift new parents will treasure forever. I know because I still have the ones I received when my sons were born quite some time ago. I found a shop on Etsy that seems to be making beautiful ones today.
  5. Personalized Bathrobes from Silly Phillie®.  When in doubt, you never can go wrong gifting one of these beauties. For starters, they’re made from a luxurious ultimate terry velour fabric. In addition, they’re made in the USA by Silly Phillie® so you know the workmanship quality is superb. Finally,  you can choose from a wide assortment of adorable designs.

One note of caution. Make sure you have the correct spelling of baby’s name before ordering a personalized gift. New parents today are coming up with uncommon ways of spelling names. Once a gift is personalized you own it!

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Since 1985 Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao



Unique Baby Gifts for Girl are Special

Unique Baby Gifts for Girl that Impress

Unique baby gifts for girl surprisingly are not that easy to find. Not because there’s a lack of choices. Quite the contrary.  The market is inundated with baby girl gifts making it difficult to sort through the clutter.

Another factor is that most baby gifts for girl look too much alike.  Unfortunately, many product designers/manufacturers are content to offer “me to” products rather than coming up with original design ideas. This a pet peeve of mine as a designer,  but that’s a subject for another day.

5 Unique Baby Gifts for Girl

Unique Baby Gift for Girl-Pretty in Pink Welcome Wagon

Pretty in Pink Welcome Wagon

  1. Pretty in Pink Deluxe Welcome Wagon. Every little girl should have her own special welcome wagon pull toy.  This limited edition one from Silly Phillie® is pretty in pink, filled with gorgeous layette and can be personalized too!
  2. Triple Layer Grand Baby Cake.  Baby girl gifts don’t come tastier than this diaper cake from 1800flowers.  Three layers tall and made with premium ingredients, this one will satisfy anyone’s craving for a unique baby girl gift.
  3. Baby Girl Rocking Hose and Layette.  A classic baby gift if there ever was one. However, you won’t find solid wood rocking horse gift sets everywhere these days. Check it out at
  4. Owl Character Hooded Towel. There’s lots of hooded towels for baby girls but only one you’ll give a “hoot” about. Precious design and top quality too. Check it out at

About Silly Phillie® 

Unique Baby Gift Baskets designed by Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Since 1985 Silly Phillie® has been designing and manufacturing unique baby gifts, layette accessories and kids bathrobes. The company’s premium products are made with love in the USA. They can be purchased in select retail stores and from online gift boutiques, including

Silly Phillie® Creations, Inc. is a woman owned family business. Please call 855.885.3900 to inquire about our unique baby gift baskets and other sensational gifts. Or send an email to: 

I’d love to hear from you!

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao






Original Baby Hoagie ™ Layette Gift Set

The Original Baby Hoagie™ is a Cool Gift for Kids

Silly Phillie’s Original Baby Hoagie™ made the list of Cool Gifts for Kids published by Real Simple Magazine. In fact, it is number twenty two out of seventy seven selected products.  I am thrilled to have one of our most unique baby gifts recognized in such a way.

The origins of the Original Baby Hoagie™

The Original Baby Hoagie™ was conceived as a one time baby shower centerpiece for my niece Lainie Wilker’s baby shower. The shower was to be hosted by my sister Ricki Block at her home in San Diego, California.  I naturally wanted to contribute something special to the occasion as Lainie’s aunt and professional baby gift designer.  I also wanted it to have a definite East Coast flavor being that I am from New York.

My thought process led me to doing a spoof of a food related item. Specifically, I settled upon creating a Hoagie sandwich made exclusively from layette items for baby. My sister was a little apprehensive about the idea.  She was concerned that a whimsical rendition of a Hoagie might not be “sophisticated” enough for her fashionable West Coast lady friends.

Reaction to the Original Baby Hoagie™

The Original Baby Hoagie™ was the hit of my nieces’s baby shower I am happy to report. Everyone absolutely loved it. In fact, I left the baby shower inundated with orders from my sister’s friends! Needless to say Ricki  was very proud of her baby sister and I think more than a little bit relieved.

The Original Baby Hoagie™ went into production as soon as I returned to New York.  Fortunately, It became an immediate hit everywhere it was sold. That was quite some time ago. Today, the Original Baby Hoagie™ remains one of  Silly Phillie’s best selling gifts and most talked about products.

I’d like to give a special note of thanks to Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln, Fashion Director at Real Simple. She discovered the product at a public relations event earlier this year and was influential in getting it on the list of Cool Kids for Kids published by Real Simple.

Phyllis Gordon S’dao

Designer & Owner

Silly Phillie® Creations










Thoughts on Postpartum Depression

Ultimate Baby Gift-6 step guide from Silly Phillie

I am often asked for an opinion on what makes an ultimate baby gift.  I have designed many iconic baby gifts over the last 30 years as owner of Silly Phillie®. But I find it impossible to point to any one of those or any others as the “ultimate baby gift”. All baby gifts are special in one way or another. The more money spent on a gift the more impressive the gift becomes as a general rule.  I recently created a customized baby gift for a customer who wanted to spend $300. That’s considerably more than the average baby gift. The result was a fabulous gift everyone loved. You can look at it here.

Ultimate Baby Gift-“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Was that the ultimate baby gift?  Maybe maybe not. It actually depends on the joint perspectives of the gift giver and the recipient. You know the idiom ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It’s also important to note that money alone is not the deciding factor in giving the ultimate baby gift.

The Ultimate Baby Gift Guide

Ultimate Baby Gift-Caterpillar Welcome Wagon

Uncommon Caterpillar Welcome Wagon Baby Gift

It is safe to conclude that there is no one ultimate baby gift.  I personally feel that an extraordinary baby gift must have all of the following things going for it to be considered truly special.

  • Uniqueness-Nothing impresses new parents more than a gift they haven’t seen before.  Uncommon baby gifts always make a lasting impression.
  • Functional-Parents need lots of things for a new baby, especially if its a firstborn child. Make sure your gift is functional and fills a need.
  • Superior quality-A gift is only as good as the quality of the product or products inside. Nothing ruins the impression of a baby gift more than inferior product quality.
  • Relevant theme-Look for a gift with a theme that’s meaningful to the new parents. If they are sports fans for example, a sports themed baby gift will be a big hit!
  • Personalized for babyNew parents love personalized baby gifts. It’s the extra special touch that makes a baby gift memorable.
  • Outstanding presentation- First impressions count. Look for a gift that has that “oh wow” factor but not at the exclusion of all of the above.

In conclusion. an ultimate baby gift comes down to one you love giving, and one the new parents need and appreciate.  Silly Phillie® specializes in creating made to order keepsake quality baby gifts.  Please think of us whenever you need to give a so called “ultimate baby gift” or simply one that stands out form all the rest! Phyllis Gordon S’Dao Owner/Designer-Silly Phillie®

Silly Phillie Made to order baby gifts

Baby Gifts made to order in Brooklyn


Silly Phillie® is on a roll these days,  in more ways than one.

For starters, the above photo shows yours truly sitting on rolls of fabric in Silly Phillie’s Brooklyn manufacturing facility. The photo was taken as part of an upcoming feature being done on my company by WE NYC.

WE NYC is a first-of-its-kind effort in a major American city to address the entrepreneurship gender gap and empower women business-owners to reach their full economic potential.  I am honored to be part of this exciting initiative.  I am also anxious to see the profile on Silly Phillie®.

In looking through the many photos taken by the talented photographer, Nancy Siesel, I particularly love this one of me sitting on rolls of fabric. In my opinion it best captures the essence of Silly Phillie’s “baby gifts made to order in Brooklyn” business model. Without fabric to cut, sew and embroider into quality layette items, we would not have the quality ingredients to make our many unique baby gifts.

“Baby Gifts Made to Order in Brooklyn” Keeping us on a Roll!

Many of our competitors have chosen to outsource manufacturing of baby gifts overseas. Silly Phillie® has taken a different approach.  We make our baby gifts to order in Brooklyn, NY. There are many benefits in doing it this way. They are:

  1. We’re able to offer a superior quality product
  2. We can personalize and customize baby gifts
  3. We’re better able and quicker to respond to special requests by customers
  4. Making products in the USA adds to the economic well being of Americans

A made to order in Brooklyn business model may limit our company’s growth potential. Nevertheless,  it has kept Silly Phillie® on a roll for more than 30 years.

I’ve always felt that bigger is not necessarily better.  Better is better all the time.

If you enjoyed this article on “Baby Gifts Made to Order In Brooklyn” please share it on social media with #babygifts #SillyPhillie, #MadeInbrooklyn, #Brooklyn.

Thank you!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)

Newborn baby Onsie from Sily Phillie

Newborn baby: 50% Mommy, 50% Daddy,100% Perfect!


Nothing is more perfect than a newborn baby.

I am reminded of this every day when I see our beautiful baby gifts being made and sent to new parents, each accompanied by the most heartfelt messages of congratulations from family and friends.  It never ceases to amaze me how much joy a single newborn baby brings into the world.

Newborn Baby-The Ultimate Gift

None of this of course is possible without the contribution from a mommy and a daddy. Not to minimize less conventional avenues of conception i.e. donor sperm, this article is a shout out to all those new mommies and daddies in the world.

As a tribute to them and their newborn baby,  Silly Phillie® is launching a new line of products with the design “50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Perfect”. I love it not just because it’s such a cute saying,  and we all know how well cute sells when it comes to babies.

I love it because it expresses the sentiment of a shared responsibility between parents for the creation and most importantly the nurturing of their child. Nothing would please more than having this message resonate with all the new parents out there.

 “50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Perfect”

Silly Phillie® baby blankets, onsies, sleep gowns,  bibs, burp pads, and hooded towels will be available with this new design.  All will be made in the USA from quality 100% cotton fabrics, both interlock and terry velour.

Layette items will be sold individually and as part of  baby gift sets and baby gift baskets. “50% Mommy, 50% Daddy, 100% Perfect” will be offered in three different color schemes: one for a baby boy, one for a baby girl, and the third in a neutral palette to work as a baby shower gift.

The line will be launched initially on the first or second week in June. Afterwards expect to see the items sold in retail stores, hospital gift shops and on other e-commerce baby boutiques.

I hope you’re 100% in love with our new products! Lol.


Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)

Baby Gift Basket for Twins-Celestial Babies by Silly Phillie

Baby Gift Baskets-beyond the wicker basket


Baby gift baskets are a very popular choice among baby gifts.

3 Reasons why baby gift baskets are so popular

  1. Baby Gift Baskets look great, especially ones that have been smartly designed and made by a talented gift professional.
  2.  Baby Gift Baskets usually come filled with lots of cool stuff for the new baby. One word of caution. Don’t be swayed by looks alone.  Make sure the items inside the basket are made with quality and are useful. The new parents will remember and appreciate whats inside more than how the baby gift looked.
  3. Baby Gift Baskets make choosing a baby gift easy.  With many options to choose from today, both on the internet and in retail stores, anyone can find a baby gift basket that meets their needs quickly and painlessly.

The biggest downside to baby gift baskets though may in fact be their popularity. New parents receive a ton of baby gifts, especially for a first born child. Odds are high that a number of these gifts will be in the form of a baby gift basket. If you want your baby gift to be unique and memorable, one must look beyond the traditional wicker basket.

Silly Phillie®-Unique baby gift baskets without the basket

Silly Phillie® features many beautiful baby gift baskets using a wicker basket. Moses Basket baby gifts, Celestial Baby Gift Basket for Twins and Happiness Baby Gift Baskets for boy and girl are several examples of baby gifts centered around a wicker basket.

Baby boy gift-Rocking Horse gift set

Rocking Horse Baby Boy Gift Set

More unique alternatives from Silly Phillie® are baby gift sets featuring rocking horses, rocking chairs, step stools and Welcome Wagons™ pull-toys. These unique baby gifts have all the charm of a baby gift basket and then some, but substitute a more valuable and impressive item for baby than a wicker basket.

I hope this post on baby gift baskets is helpful the next time you go shopping for a baby gift.

All my Silly best,

Phyllis (Silly Philie®)






Unique baby gift-Silly Phillie Octopus baby girl gift

Unique Baby Gifts from Silly Phillie


Silly Phillie® has earned a reputation for creating some of the most delightfully unique baby gifts. Baby Hoagie, Special Delivery Pizza, Nice Cream, & Natural Rocking Horse Baby Gifts are just a few examples of unique baby gifts introduced by Silly Phillie®.  Octopus for boy & girl are two new additions to the company’s collection of unique baby gifts.  In typical Silly Phillie® style, Octopus Baby Gifts are adorable, made to order in the USA with baby boutique quality layette, and impeccably presented to make a memorable impression.

Unique Baby Gifts-the driving force behind Silly Phillie®

Unique baby gifts is what has enabled Silly Phillie® to stay a step ahead of competition in a competitive category.  Each of the company’s products is designed around the following simple but powerful core set of values:

  • Baby gifts should be exciting & unique.  Having a newborn baby is one of the happiest moments in life.  Friends & family inundate new parents with gifts to celebrate the occasion. For any one gift to stand out, that gift must be unique, adorable and memorable.
  • The stuff inside matters Silly Phillie® baby gifts are made from baby boutique quality layette items.  Nothing short of that is acceptable. People often are fooled by the ‘glitz” of a gift and don’t pay enough attention to the quality of the contents. Inferior contents will be remembered far longer than how good the gift may have looked.
  • First impression is critical. You only get one chance at a first impression.  A gift must be impeccably presented with attention paid to the smallest details if you want to make a positive first impression. Silly Phillie® baby gifts are proudly made to order in Brooklyn, NY. This hands on control over the entire production process results in unique baby gifts that are beautiful in every way and superior to mass produced products.

I hope you like our new Octopus Baby Gifts and enjoyed hearing about how we go about making unique baby gifts at Silly Phillie®.

Until next time…

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao

Designer/Owner-Silly Phillie® Creations

New baby gfit basket by Silly Phillie

Triple Savings on Baby Gifts is here!


And not  just on any baby gifts, but on premium Silly Phillie®  baby Gifts!

It’s a well known fact that Silly Phillie® baby gifts are among the very best you can find anywhere. No other company can match the creativeness,  quality, and attention to detail that goes into each and every one of our made to order baby gift baskets and other unique baby gift creations.

With the introduction of our “Triple Savings Spectacular” promotion, Silly Phillie® baby gifts now offer the best overall value too.

Here’s how this exciting new program works:

1. Save 20% on any retail baby gift purchased on Simply enter the promo code “New Baby” at checkout and a cool 20% will be deducted from your total;


2. Get a free layette item with any single purchase of $75 or more.  The bonus layette item will have a minimum retail value of $20 and will be personally selected by me to compliment the primary gift;


3. Enjoy Free FedEx Ground Shipping on orders of $150 or more shipping to one location.

I am thrilled to be able to offer our loyal customers these valuable incentives. When you combine 20% off, a free layette item, plus free shipping on larger orders, the overall savings is quite substantial. I honestly think you won’t find a better value proposition on premium quality baby gifts anywhere else.

Please visit for complete details on our Triple Savings Spectacular promotion.  With these exciting incentives,  why would anyone consider anything less than a beautifully made to order Silly Phillie® baby gift.

Happy New Year everyone!

Phyllis (Silly Phillie®)






Silly Phillie personalized baby gifts @ Buy Buy Baby

Personalized Baby Gifts & Buy Buy Baby


Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath & Beyond is in the process of launching a new program featuring Silly Phillie® baby gifts.  It is the first time these two retailers will be selling Silly Phillie® baby gifts.

Silly Phillie personalized baby gifts selling at Bed Bath & Beyond

All of us at Silly Phillie® are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with these two fine retailers. Their large customer base should mean significant additional exposure and sales for our line of unique baby gifts.

But the thing we are most proud of is that Silly Phillie® is the brand they chose to offer personalized baby gifts for the first time. This is a significant step for these retailers and we are honored that they have placed their trust in our company for this new initiative.

personalized baby gifts selling at buy buy baby

Lion Hooded Towel Personalized

Unique Personalized Baby Gifts

Silly Phillie® has been selling unique personalized baby gifts for more than 20 years. It is one of our major points of difference versus other baby gift companies, along with our signature quality and unique designs.

For the triple B’s as we like to refer to them, we created some exciting new products we feel their customers will love. They in turn built a really cool, interactive personalization model for their website. Basically it shows the customer how the name to be personalized will look on the product before the purchase is made.

While not entirely new technology it is nevertheless quite impressive and helpful. Please click here to see how this process works.

What else is new at Silly Phillie? Well, we are a week or two away from launching a partnership with another well respected retailer. While it’s too early to name drop, we are excited about this new opportunity and we’ll announce it here just as soon as it happens.

I would to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. If you plan to travel as many people do for this holiday please be safe.

Phyllis (Silly Phillie)