Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Ultimate Terry Velour Hooded Towels Personalized


Price: $45.00


There's much to love about Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Ultimate Hooded Towels.

Yes, they're adorable and look fantastic on.
Yes, they're incredibly practical, cut oversized (28" x 44") to fit infants and toddlers.
Yes, they're made in the USA by Silly Phillie®!

Silly Phillie® brings back "Ultimate Terry Velour" Hooded Towels.

Perhaps the most important thing to love is how they feel! That's because they're made from a luxurious 100% cotton "Terry Velour" fabric. No other terry matches this fabric for softness & lushness. It's the same quality used by high-end hotels to make their famously plush bathrobes.  

Other hooded towels may look nice, but they simply cannot compare. One touch and you'll feel the difference.  Whether you're buying one as a gift or for your own child, why not get the one that feels as good as it looks! 


Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Ultimate Hooded Towels can be ordered personalized too! Simply select "yes, please" from the drop down menu ($7.50 will be added to the total) then type the name in the text field. The name will be embroidered on back so it is visible when child is wrapped in towel. See photo below main image. 

See photo or  click this link to see other available styles. 

Additional information on Fuzzy Wuzzy Hooded Towels can be found in Silly Phiilie News.

But perhaps the most important 

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