Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake from Silly Phillie


Price: $45.00
Manufacturer: Silly Phillie


Gender Reveal Parties are in. 

More and more expecting parents are opting for the excitement and suspense of a Gender Reveal Party to discover the sex of their baby along with family and friends.

Typically a cake made with flower, sugar and whipped cream is used to reveal the baby's sex at the party. Silly Phillie® takes a far more wholesome and practical approach. It makes Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake™ from layette items for baby to use afterwards. 

This includes a luxurious hooded baby towel with Sweet Baby embroidery on the hood, 4-washcloths (1-with matching Sweet Baby embroidery), and a bib embroidered with either Boy or Girl, depending on the sex of the baby.

It's a sweet baby....?????

Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake is made to order in Brooklyn, NY. At the time of being made Silly Phillie® will hide the appropriate bib inside the cake. It won't be "revealed" until the moment of truth at the party when mom lifts the top portion off the cake and gets the Sweet Surprise! Follow the link to see a short demonstration video:

Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Cake™ is shipped gift wrapped in clear cello. 


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Gender reveal Cake makes a fabulous baby shower gift
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